Sunday, 17 December 2017

The run up to Christmas.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week, I have just been pottering about and not really getting very much done.

Hobby-wise, I have started to add some plasticard to the 'big-truck' and it is at a very early stage... but it is big... there is definitely going to be a presence if it ever reaches the tabletop.

I have also dug out my Ghar walkers and have re-based the three that were previously painted. Here they are with their Squad leaders:

Click the Pic!

I have started to paint the next three (they were roughly base-coated when they were packed away a year ago so I am now tidying them up, ready for the wash stage) and have also found the other six battle suits that I had clipped off their sprues and bagged up individually, ready for cleaning and assembly; if I am not in the mood for painting this week, I will clean them up and assemble them. 

The commander and the next three squad leaders are also sat on the hobby mat and have had their 'head domes' built up ready for the next phase of sculpting so I have got everything covered, depending on whether I have my painting, sculpting or 'no motivation' head on.

With Christmas getting closer, it is likely to mean preparations and shopping will take up a certain amount of my time so I can't say what this week will lead to although, I plan on getting some bike miles in at some point.

There is also the small matter of physiotherapy on my shoulder... this may end up being detrimental to my plans (depending on what happens) so I guess that it will be a wait and see week.

I guess 'short but sweet' was the theme of today's post.

See you from the set!

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