Sunday, 26 January 2020

A Kickstarter?

Hello again... seeing as I have some big news, I thought I'd share it.

As it happens, a few months ago, I sold a couple of sculpts to Macrocosm Miniatures; after finding out that the owner (Chris) had bought my Berserker sculpt from the guy I sold it to...

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I didn't think too much about it and then I got a message that Chris wanted to start a Kickstarter for 'Seven Dwarfs' sculpted by Phil Hynes (of Bears Head Miniatures). We got talking, as you do... and the subject of adding some of my sculpts to the Kickstarter came up. After a bit of too and fro, we agreed that a Commissar and a heavy weapon trooper would be cool to add to the existing two that Chris already owned; these two:

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... so I said "why not?" and duly sculpted a Commissar and a Heavy Weapon trooper:

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The Heavy Weapon trooper is a conversion of the original Sgt miniature... that's the beauty of having a company send you lots of copies of miniatures to play with! Now... while I was playing with the Commissar and HW trooper, I got busy with riflemen... adding a couple of new heads to the first version and sculpting an 'all new' one:

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That just left me with the heavy weapons to sculpt. Now this is a new departure for me so I have been going through a trial and error process. So far, I have finished a Missile Launcher but am still WIP on the HMG and Laser Cannon... here's the finished one:

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I am currently working on the Laser Cannon and am also at a very early stage on the HMG but I am getting there. Once these are finished, I have plans to add a few more troopers to the range but they won't be part of the Kickstarter, they should (hopefully) be part of a range that will be available from Macrocosm Miniatures at a later date... So big things have been going on, over the last few months and I thought it was worthy of popping into Inso's World to share it.

There will be more news, when I have it...

... and to start with, the Kickstarter has JUST funded at £4085 (with a required amount of £500... so over 800%!).

How cool is that, eh?

See you from the top table!

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Echo... echo... echo...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

As you may have noticed, this blog has been getting rather infrequently updated, mostly due to events and circumstances in the real world that have completely killed my motivation to post.

I am currently working on commissions so I am unable to post images as I go along... which doesn't make for very entertaining viewing.

The weather has been, quite frankly, appalling so I haven't even got any travels to update you with.

I am also beginning to question the relevance of this blog, when I am active in so many forums and Facebook... so I am on the brink of bringing everything to a close.

I won't delete the blog... and I may occasionally add to it... but these things need regular posts to attract interest and at the moment, I am not of a mind to do it any more.

So there you have it.

I won't say goodbye... just good-day to all my followers and those who interact with my blog. It's been an interesting 12 years but everything tails off eventually...

so... Cheers to you!

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See you from the slowly closing portal!