Tuesday, 24 May 2022

May... the dawn of a brighter future.

 Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

It's May and this month is always special because it has Helston's Flora Day to look forward to... and this year it was back after a three year absence... but Flora Day always has an Eve...

The evening before Flora Day, I had my hair shaved off for charity and raised nearly £900 for the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. The landlady of my local pub (the Rodney Inn) did the honours and we raised a nice lot of cash, on the evening, to add to the pot. From a "hairy bear" to this in one short haircut:

Click the Pic!

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and their kind donations. 

Flora Day was BRILLIANT! I spent the entire day in the Rodney Inn; enjoying the hospitality and watching the dances as they went past. I had lots of visitors during the day and the event itself was amazing... beautiful weather, packed streets and lots of local businesses doing a roaring trade. Proper job!

The following day... the wheels fell off. 

I was contacted by the local vet and informed that my cat had been brought in and was deceased. Yep... my handsome, awesome, complicated cat, Sam, has passed away:

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It seems that he was knocked down by a car and killed instantly... which, I guess is a blessing because I wouldn't have wanted him to suffer. He was such an interesting cat... and he had his issues... but ever since he had an accident with his tail, a few years ago, he suffered from nightmares and always chose to come and sleep near me so that I could comfort him, when he had them. It's almost like his job was done and he was taken away... because I am now Long-Covid free and feeling much better, mental-health wise.... and now he is nightmare free.

Anyway... I'll miss him but have such fond memories of him. He was my boy...

So... I'm better now and I have got myself a job; volunteering at the Cornwall Air Ambulance Trust. It's three mornings a week and I'm loving it. It was a complete coincidence but one of my friends got the manager's job and I was pointed in their direction. Happy times.

It seems like everything is working itself out.

Hobby-wise, I haven't managed to get much done... apart from a small amount of painting. I managed to complete the army command squad for my Squat army:

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... and have almost finished the first platoon's command squad as well... but I don't have a pic of that... It's almost like life is better than sitting hunched over a table, painting or sculpting, at the moment... strange.

Hopefully, the improvements will continue and I'll have more stuff to talk about next time.

See you from the road-side!