Thursday, 29 July 2010

Beer+good company=happy Inso!

Welcome Loving_giants! Another lost traveller is stopping by for a little rest and recouperation from life's mediocrity. I hope you enjoy your stay.

I have visited a local hostelry and have partaken in a few little sociable the world is grand at the moment...god help my colleagues tomorrow!

See you along the long, long road! it time to get up yet?

I slept like death last night. I doubt if an earthquake could have roused me. A full 7 hours kip!

That is the first whole night's Kip I've had since I left home a week ago. I fell a bit dopey but much better for a decent night's kip :).

Hello and welcome to Melly.M; the newest follower to Inso's World. I hope you realise this is mostly a blog about war-game miniatures and not just some wayward traveller babbling on about Africa! the moment it IS a blog about a wayward traveller babbling on about Africa!

Welcome aboard Melly.M!

I have sorted my laundry, bagged it up and it is now in the hands of the locals...I hope I get it all back in one piece. I have had a cooked breakfast, abluted (such a wonderful word for washing and going to the loo!) and have written a little bit of text for the welfare e-mail that goes to all of the service families at home. I will be off to work at lunch time with a return time of...UNKNOWN...flexibility is the key to airpower, after all.

Once everyone is together here, we will finally get to start the proper shift patterns and then I can get some sort of normality going with all the lads. Hopefully, it shouldn't be too long.

I think I saw an Acouti last night. If not, it was a bleeping big Weasle!

See you through sleep filled eyes!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


At work, this evening, I saw the biggest wasp I have ever seen. It must have been an inch and a half long and almost a quarter of an inch wide in the body department. It was black and greasy looking and I left the room and let everyone else deal with it! I call it being sensible...not cowardice at all.

A rabbit ran across the airfield today. It may not sound too unusual but it is a little bit of familiar territory in a place that has lots of stuff I've never seen at home.

I have learnt a couple of Swahili words: Mbari (hello) and Asanti (thank you)...there is also JAMBO! which is another greeting that is used a lot out here.

The world is a mysterious place and around every corner there is always something new to surprise you.

See you from the top of a safety-raiser!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

I nearly missed it.

Yes, it is Sunday and on Kenya time it is it nearly ISN'T Sunday!

I have visited my work place and have been busy sorting things out today. We will be getting some helicopters tomorrow so the work will start in earnest...that means I can finally get my teeth into something substantial. Because we have been doing menial stuff, I have been a bit bored so I haven't slept a full night fact, I haven't slept for more than about 10 hours since I left home on Wednesday.

I got to see a really iridescent blue Starling today. It literally looked like royal blue sapphires were covering its body. I also saw a big, black and white, butterfly that was about 10CM wingspan so it was an unusual sight.

I have started writing a short story about a Grymn soldier who is travelling across space as a terra-former...once I have a finished product, I'll post it over at the Grymn Blog (it isn't even nearly finished yet) see? I haven't forgotten them.

I am currently in a tired but relatively happy state. The conditions I was expecting have proven to be a lot lower standard than I have it could have (and has) been a lot worse.

The Geckos in the loft, whistle to me at night times though...

All is well in Inso's World tonight (I have been chatting to my wife and all seems well at home) it is, after all, good to talk.

See you from a Monkey's point of aim!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Welcome to Africa!

I have finally arrived in Kenya. I started travelling at 23-00hrs on 21st Jul and arrived at my final destination at 12-05hrs on 24th Jul (14-05 local time).

It has been an interesting mix of coach and air travel ranging from a 9 hour coach trip to Edinburgh, followed by a LONG WAIT (chartered aircraft went U/S so we had to wait for a replacement), a 9 hour flight, a 3 hour coach trip through Nairobi to a holding area (where we stayed overnight) and then further coach travel for another 5 hours...FINALLY I am here and sitting in my mosquito net typing up this post...after buying the dongle, top up cards etc...

...I have had about 7 hours sleep over the journey so I am extremely tired but I reckon I'll sleep well tonight!

I have seen my first wild giraffes, storks and even a kite of some description...not to mention the geckos that frequent the buildings. It's all good stuff (now that I am here).

This is a first time for me in Kenya and there is a strong difference between the have's and the have not's...I'll write about that sort of thing in another post.

So that is it...desert bogeys and nosebleeds, cut fingers (taking down a mosquito net of all things) and a strong need for a lot of sleep!

See you through the dust and the mud and the is hoofing it down outside!

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

The adventure begins...

Well, it has come to the last post before I disappear to Kenya for a month or two. I will still be about over the next couple of days but I am in the process of packing and sorting out things for when I I will be too busy for too much WWW surfing.

I have a wallet full of funny-money, a mobile phone ready for a foreign sim card, a laptop ready for a foreign 'dongle', lots of stuff jammed in various bags and plenty of bug repellent!

I'll be taking a digital camera with me so there should be some interesting pics turn up at some point...assuming I get connected OK.

I won't be taking any hobby stuff (due to the living conditions) but should be able to spend some time putting some words down for some short stories while I'm keep an eye out over on the Grymn blog for some new material.

I am a little apprehensive about the trip because I have never been to Africa and have not lived so closely with a third world population (where we are staying has a lot of poverty) so I have a lot to learn...but I'm just keen to get on with things now because I am getting really fidgety!

So I'll bid you farewell for now and I hope to have something to add once I get settled.

See you across the plains!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday again...

Well, I guess it is Sunday again. That means that my holiday finishes today and also that it is update time again.

I have had a very slow week this week and have had great ideas about all the achievements I would accomplish but have managed to achieve none of them. Instead, I have piled everything up and saved them for the panic at the last minute.

I don't like the anti-malaria drugs I'm on. They are messing up my sleep and my mood. I hope they level out a bit otherwise I'll have to get them swapped...another thing on the long list...

So, I went shopping yesterday and visited a model/collector's shop that I have passed many times and never visited. It was a little treasure trove! There was all sorts of stuff in there but nothing that was really useful to me. The owner was extremely helpful and keen to show me what he had in stock and as a result, I ended up leaving with something I didn't really want...but I guess I'll just view that as helping out a fellow traveller rather than being a soft-touch...

On to more positive is the painted Erik:

Click the Pic!

It isn't my best sculpt but I think it will work as a Commander of the Grymn forces (whichever ones I happen to have at hand).

What has this sculpt highlighted? I need to practice hands, drapery and pose a bit lot more. I still maintain that for a couple of hours work, it will, as they say, 'do a trip'.

I guess this will be the last Sunday update until I get settled in Africa. I can safely say that there will be a reduction in pictures and there will be no hobby related progress from me because the living conditions where I am going, don't provide me with a good work area so I won't be taking any hobby stuff with me.

I will have a laptop with me so I SHOULD be able to get on line but until I get there, I can't say one way or the other.

That is about it really...

I hope things will be back to normal in a couple of months! so I'll see you all then :).

See you from the belly of the beast!

Friday, 16 July 2010

Do this...

Watch 'Youth in Revolt' if you haven't is a good film. Michael Cera at his usual best.

Erik 'The Bear' Freyasson

I started this sculpt/conversion yesterday. He is based on a Gustav (a Grymn from Hasslefree) with one of the human 'conversion' heads (again from Hasslefree), a little plastic rod and some Green Stuff. His name is Erik Freyasson, Chief of the military staff and a member of the Grymn high council...He is known to those around him (especially in military circles) as 'The Bear':

Click the Pic!

I quite enjoyed sculpting this one because it has taken my mind off the real world. There are things I would have done better if I had more time (the pose is a bit stiff and the hands are a bit big) but overall, for a couple of hours worth of putty-pushing, I'm happy with him. Once he is painted up he will be a worthy leader for any of my Grymn armies.

So there you have it! Decided to do this one yesterday, started it mid afternoon and finished it approximately a day later. Can't be bad, can it?

Just as a point of interest, the Gustav miniature I based this one on was already in a state of disrepair...he was part converted into a Grymn 'Ironman'...but I thought The bear was a more pressing subject, so ripped off the head and arms and started all over again.

Please feel free to comment on the end product...he'll be going for paint once he is dry.

See you through the fog of injustice!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

4 of 5...

It's another day and before I get any further, I'd like to welcome d.adams and Rory Eaglestone as new followers of Inso's World. Welcome to you both, I hope you find something of interest here...but be warned, you've joined at a time where things are just about to quieten down for a couple of months so there won't be as many pix...but there may be lots of text!

What can I say about the last few days? The Anti-Malarial treatment is not agreeing with me very much. I am getting more and more fidgety and can't concentrate very well. I'm hoping that I'll get used to it over the next few weeks because I quite like being able to get on with things.

That aside, I have been very busy doing absolutely nothing! I have tried to get enthusiastic about all of the jobs I have to do but haven't managed to achieve a bleeping thing!

I have been surfing the web quite a lot and in my travels I have been inspired by a tank to such an extent that I broke up an existing project to start it again...but didn't start it again! I know where it is and now that it is in bits, I know that I have to change it so I can at least start to think about how it should look...even if I don't actually start cutting and sticking.

Winston Churchill was a great leader during the second World War. Margaret Thatcher did pretty well during the Falklands campaign. Storming Norman cut the mustard in the Gulf and Wellington did well at Waterloo...

...why am I mentioning these people? Well, we all need strong leadership at times and that got me thinking...

I've started sculpting a leader for the Grymn...

See you through bloodshot eyes!

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Two of five...

Yesterday, I managed to annoy myself into doing something. I couldn't decide which of my many jobs to get on with so I thought I'd do something I couldn't get all tangled up in a long term project...

...well I came up with this and have spent a short while today, painting it:

Click the Pic!

I just wondered if this particular Pig Iron Production head would fit okay onto a Grymn body...I had a spare Grymn...I had a bunch of I just went for it. I needed to tidy up the pipes going into the mask but apart from that it was just a case of swapping heads:

Click the Pic!

I also managed to add a few paint-chips to the armour! I really have had an unusual day today...

See you through the jungle!

A surprise!

I am someone who potters through life, generally watching my manners and trying not to raise too much of a ripple in the pond of life. I do my thing and if I think I have been out of order I'll apologise but if I think I've been O.K. then no apologies are necessary. I am fairly reasonable...strong willed, logical, mildly eccentric and often nonplussed...but definitely reasonable.

From a general point of view, although I am not a religious man, I still have what could be considered Christian values...try to be polite, try not to upset people, make amends if you think you've been out of order, help people who need help know, the general 'good citizen' thing.

The trouble is that with the advent of the WWW it is very difficult to express your personality through the medium of text. If I'm sad, I can type "I am sad"...but that doesn't say how sad or whether I look sad...If I'm happy, I can try to explain how happy I am but without looking at my face, how can anybody really tell how happy I am.

There is also the whole minefield of trust. If I meet someone, I can generally tell what they are like, how they appear to me and can make decisions about them, based on how they react to me or what I do or say to them. On the WWW, things take on a whole new direction...who is this person who has typed that statement? Is he lying? Is he telling the truth? Is he actually who he says he is...even to the point where he is in fact, a SHE?

It is a proper minefield, the WWW. I have been misinterpreted, falsely quoted, praised, held aloft (metaphorically speaking), trusted, mis-trusted, plagiarised, accused, hated and liked all at varying levels and in varying time frames...

...but generally speaking, I am fairly reasonable...

So, why the meanderings on the subject of the WWW?

Well, I'd like to say that today, I have been utterly blown away by a fellow WWW surfer.

I only know him through the various forums I frequent and what I have read on his blog. I often comment on his work and am a huge fan of his subtle camouflage schemes...but I don't know him apart from that. He also posts comments and ideas on the forums I visit, with regard to my various projects. I have never met him (knowingly) and he only has my on-line persona to judge me by.

Yet today, I have been surprised by a gift through the post. It is, I hasten to add, quite an expensive and very cool gift and it was sent by the fellow WWW surfer I have mentioned.

It is a humbling experience when someone who you have never met, places trust in you. It is also a great privilege. I would like to thank dwartist for the gift he sent and would hasten to add that it will be appearing on this blog, in all of its converted glory, when I get back from Kenya.

I have, today, had the highs and lows of the internet...but the highs have really held sway and I am really happy with my gift.


See you through the cellophane panel of the box I'm peering into :) !

Monday, 12 July 2010

The first of 5...

I have 5 days off. I wasn't going to but so many of my work colleagues have got holiday this week that I would have found myself 'farmed out' somewhere to work and I really can't be bothered with I have 5 days off.

I have a lot of stuff to do though...but I'm sure it won't stop me chilling out just a little bit.

Before I plunge in to the post proper, I would like to welcome my newest pair of followers so welcome to Jason David and Alien Dave! It's good to have you on board and I hope you enjoy your stay...please feel free to leave comments and opinions on any of the posts; I always appreciate the input.

I have been thinking...

I know, it is a strange thing for me to actually think BUT sometimes, I feel the need to get a few ideas 'out there' so thinking is kind of a necessity!

What have I been thinking about?..

My collection and what it signifies.

I have always considered myself as a bit of an artistic type. I am a very logical and practical person most of the time (hence, I am a technician who fixes helicopters) but when I kick back and let the breeze blow through my hair I can be really unpredictable, fickle, changeable and absolutely bursting with ideas. My wife often despairs with me as I fidget around whilst trying to get my ideas out there in one form or another but she just accepts that it is just me, being me so she lets me get on with it.

The trouble with the whole 'needing to get the ideas out there' thing is that it leads to huge collections and vast arrays of unfinished projects.

Recently, I have been selling a few bits and pieces off and it has made me think about how far I would go with this. Would I, for instance, sell off my old, painted Catachan army or my Cadian one? All painted and all metal and probably worth a lot of money...but could I sell them? They just sit in a drawer...they rarely see the light of day...I don't war-game with them...why do I keep them?

Who knows?

At school (and a few years ago, at evening classes), I was at my happiest with a big lump of clay plonked in front of me. Whenever other people saw the clay, they saw a lump of clay. Whenever I saw the clay, I saw a possibility. I would sit and stare at it and the clay would eventually tell me what it wanted to be. With wet hands and varying pressures I would work my imagination and the end result would be as I wanted it. It may not have been perfect, it may not have been what other people would have expected but how could it be anything else; other than what the clay told me it wanted to be. I had a few interesting conversations with my teachers because they set me subjects and I would sculpt something that they thought didn't fit. I would then proceed to tell them, in intricate detail, why it DID fit the subject. I have always been a great believer that in order to teach, you have to be able to learn...and I still maintain, to this day, that there are a few teachers out there who were forced to challenge their existing opinions, as a result of some of my whimsical ideas.

The thing is...the creation is the art-form NOT, as most people would say, the finished product. Managing to create something is the achievement, NOT the end product.

So why do we keep hold of all those things we create? Why do we feel the need to show them to other people? Why do we amass these achievements if they are not as important as the creative process? I reckon it is just that we need to belong. In order to belong, we need to have proof of what makes us who we are and that means keeping hold of all those things that we can use as proof of our identity. Not everyone knows us as friends, lovers, enemies or associates. Some people only know one facet of our personality...some know a lot more but they can only 'know' us by interpreting what we show them or what we have created...and that is where our collections come in.

The thing is that collections just mount up and at certain times in life, we are forced to choose what we want to keep and what we want to let go. As a serviceman, I move around quite a lot and many of my 'what to keep?' decisions are based on necessity rather than what I'd like. I have disposed of many things on my travels...there are times when I look back and wish that I had sold them rather than dispose of them but generally, it was a case of getting rid of things in a hurry so I had no real choice.

While thinking about all of this I thought about what projects I have started and how they are linked to the various elements of my collection...and that is where I took a deep breath and realised that I had far more projects than I thought...some of which were long dead and some that were just waiting for the time and enthusiasm to continue. I will list just a few:

Grymn tunnel fighter army (including 12 scratch-built transports)
Grymn urban army (including many bought/to be bought transports)
Grymn desert veteran army (including 6 Tiger APCs)
Grymn desert army (just to finish off the platoons I started at the very beginning of my Grymn collecting phase)
Kindred force (with bought tanks and bi-planes)
Genetic infantry army (lots of Void troops)
Vasa force (bikes, vehicles and lots of troops)
Eldar army (Spartan themed Eldar)
Grymn Halo (including a drop-ship and 4x4 vehicle)
Mecha army (lots and lots of Macross mechs)

The thing is...that is just a small sample of my project list. Add to that my wish to start my own range of miniatures, cast my own vehicles and mechs and all manner of other bits and pieces and you will soon see that there is no way I can accomplish all of my plans.

...don't get me started on the 3d sculpting program I have just downloaded...

So with all of that...why should I keep hold of a draw full of miniatures that never see the light of day?

Who knows?...But they are staying right where they are for the time being.

See you through the dusty shelves, the crumbling parchments and the air of mustiness that fills the room with age and reverence.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World. It has been a bit of a slow week/weekend and I haven't got as much finished (or even started) as I would have liked mostly due to it being quite humid and my heart really isn't in it today. Instead of being hunched over my painting table, listening to the endless drone of the motor-racing commentary, I decided to go into town with my son and get an ice-cream instead...

...So the Scope-Dog is no further on that it was and there are no new little projects on my table to be ticking along with.

On the other hand, I did manage to finish off the artillery piece for the HALO Grymn and here is is with all of the other squad members:

Click the Pic!

Here is a round the world pic of the little diorama too:

Click the Pic!

One thing you can't see in the pictures is that the gunner is not positioned quite right so he isn't actually holding the handles of the artillery piece...but I am happy with the piece, none the less.

I lied a bit earlier...I have actually got a little further with the Scope-Dog...I have washed it in Devlan Mud and have started the highlighting process but at the moment there is nothing worth showing off.

If you aren't aware, I have posted a couple of updates over at my Grymn Blog which touch on the subject of walkers and characters in a Grymn army. There will be more updates and a few ideas as to how to add a bit of character to your Grymn it is worth a look every now and then. I know I don't update it as much as this blog but what I put on the Grymn Blog is fairly narrowly focussed so needs to get a little more thought and planning.

I have another week off. I have a lot of general stuff to achieve (assessments, packing, tidying etc...) so I am going to be very busy. I can't promise any hobby stuff but we'll see. I'm sure that, if nothing else, the Grymn Blog may get a few updates but they will likely be text and rules ideas.

Well...that's all I have for tonight.

See you through the paisley-patterned drapes!

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Voting has finished.

Thanks to the thirteen people who voted, I have decided on the Urban Grymn colour-scheme. The results were:

Light armour: 5
Dark armour: 6
Either is good: 0
Neither is good: 2

So looking at the picture below, it will be the colour-scheme on the right...the dark coloured armour:

Click the pic!

At least that is sorted out.

On to other news, I have finished the little artillery piece 'diorama' so you'll see some pix of it tomorrow...the Scope-Dog is not finished though...but it may be quite soon.

See you through the magnifier!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010


Yesterday I completed a fitness test successfully. That may not sound too much of a big deal but in all my years in the mob, I have never failed a fitness test. Is it because I am super fit? No. Is it because the test is really easy? No. Then why have I always passed? I would say that I am fairly fit but need just a little effort and personal pride to pass...that and the fact that I would never be able to face myself in the mirror again if I failed.

Today, I got to conduct a parade. It was only a small affair...a Dress Uniform inspection for about 30 troops. There we all were, looking highly pressed and polished and I felt genuine pride in the troops under my command. The inspection went well but the one thing that always makes me smile is when people have known me for a long time but have never seen me conducting drill...or HEARD me for that matter. There are always comments of surprise after the fact because of the volume I can create using my fairly slight frame.

I haven't slept for a few days so I am extremely tired. It must be showing because our snooty little cat usually ignores me but at the moment he is being sociable with me. I think it is down to the fact he can't see very much of my eyes...

The regime has started. After reading all of the side effects and taking note of all of the things I shouldn't have had prior to taking them, I have finally started the anti-malaria medication. There aren't usually too many side-effects but I have never taken the meds before so I am hoping that I don't suffer 'nightmares, loss of sleep, chest pains, depression...or even...wanting to kill myself!!!" How can you possibly feel safe taking medication when one of the side effects is "there is a slight possibility that you may feel like killing yourself"...the best bit is that it also says "if you show signs of any of the side effects...stop taking the medication!"...Now I don't want to sound condescending here but "DUUUHHH!!!"

The trouble that I have taken the anti-malarials, I don't feel happy taking any meds to help my sleep so it is down to hope and a bit of luck.

I have started to paint another Halo Grymn. He is looking...bright! Obviously, he isn't the green crewman for the artillery gun, he's the other one. I've finished converting the gunner now. he needs the green-stuff to dry before getting any paint. The trouble is that I can't paint too precisely at the moment so I'm limited to undercoat and block painting...

At least I have a cup of de-caf tea to keep me sane...good old PG Tips!

See you through the arrow slits.

Typical Cat...

I saw a cat,
The cat saw me.
I said hello,
It turned to flee.
I caught the cat,
it scratched at me.
I stroked the cat,
It struggled free.
I watched the cat,
Climb up a tree.
And there it sat
And glared at me.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sunday...a lot of a distraction...

Before I start today's ramblings, I would like to welcome Bagpuss to my humble blog. I have been watching his work over at the ammo-bunker forums, building up a Kryomek force and it is worth a really good look at (click the link):

Kryomek Thread

Welcome to my blog Bagpuss, I hope you find something to keep you interested here.

So...I have been busy not really achieving much. I am sort of in limbo at the moment...I know I have a lot of work to prepare for my jolly adventure to Africa...but I am a fan of normality so making the switch is difficult for me... a result, I haven't bothered packing, sorting or preparing. Instead I decided to carry on regardless and start building the next big thing...another HALO miniature. In this case, I haven't got too far so I have a WIP pic to show off. I plan on having a small diorama on a 50mm base. It will consist of an artillery piece, someone firing the thing and someone using the shield for cover while he has a blat too. This is what I have so far:

Click the Pic!

I was going to have the crewmen the same colour but I have decided that the gunner will be the same colour as the artillery piece but the other one will be different.

So the big question is 'why haven't I got this finished?'

Well, the reason is, I have been distracted by the fact that I should be preparing for Africa...and also, I've been distracted by something that I remembered from the past. A couple of weeks ago, I sold some vehicles off to a couple of people on line. Whilst on my travels, I found a pair of these in the box I was looking through:

Click the Pic!

It is a 1/60th scale Scopedog toy from the Armoured Trooper Votoms series. It is part plastic and part die-cast metal. I really like the series and ideally wanted to get a plastic kit but unfortunately, I missed the boat so I have had to make the best of what I could get...namely two of the toys. The trouble is that the toy just seemed too tall and needed bringing down a peg or after a lot of cursing and almost as much cutting, gluing and shaping, I ended up with this:

Click the Pic!

The above pic shows my version on the left with an 'out of the box' one on the right. The Grymn in the middle is purely for scale purposes. Below is a round the world shot of the little beast:

Click the Pic!

I think it looks much better and more in proportion now. The driver sits in the torso and drives the walker. I have another one of these to convert but I think I will do something a bit more with it...maybe go for a Brutish-Dog instead of a Scope-Dog? I would show you a pic...but that's what a search engine is for ;).

So...not much sleep...major headache...lack of enthusiasm for change...lack of will to leave my home and family for a few months AGAIN...Uniform inspection on Tuesday...

Life is a challenge sometimes.

But the Japanese have a system where they look at things in a different way. They don't look at a problem like it is a bad thing. Any failings are viewed as an opportunity. Problems and challenges are viewed as an opportunity to find ways to overcome them...sometimes, it is good to have these problems thrust at us because sometimes it is hard to choose to face up to problems...I have no choice so I'll deal with it and be a better person for it (in the end)...They are pretty switched on, the Japanese.

I have no idea when the next update will be...I am just so fickle!

see you through the ozone layer!

Friday, 2 July 2010

Oh dear...

I just can't seem to shake off this Grymn Halo stuff. As much as I don't want another project, it always happens...I get an idea, then it just keeps going and going. Well, Purple has just joined the party:

Click the Pic!

...and again, here's an all round view of our newest recruit:

Click the Pic!

Purple doesn't have the drastic contrast that the others do but I was determined not to paint her pink so I am happy that she is just a little more dull than her brothers in arms.

Where next?...I'll tell you. I have a piece of field artillery that is a one off and would look pretty good as part of the unit. I am mounting the thing on a 50mm base and will be having a pair of troops on there to operate it. It is going to be a bit difficult to get everything sorted on the base but I'm sure I will work things out. The gun itself is a resin piece so I am having to be careful not to break it. It is a really mean piece of kit though :).

At this moment in time I have been awake since yesterday morning at 10AM. I am getting to the 36 hour point and things are staring to get a bit's a bit like being drunk without the nauseating it's quite entertaining.

Well, that's about it. I have a lot to do this weekend so I am not anticipating a huge update on Sunday...but, like I say really often, you never can tell!

See you through parted fingers!

Thursday, 1 July 2010

They call me mellow yellow...

...although Yellow may not be that mellow:

Click the Pic!

Here's a round the world pic:

Click the Pic!

So, I've got the HALO bug and it seems that I can't shake it off. I have another one on the go (a female one) and have started to build a drop-ship to carry them about in. I think I'll also end up making an off road vehicle to go with them...but I guess I have to take one step at a time.

Time is ticking on and I'll be away for a while very soon...

I'll be packing things up over the next week or the updates will be getting few and far between.

Just stick with it and there will be a host of further updates once I get back.

See you through the tall grass.