Tuesday, 22 October 2019


Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

I checked the dates and it's been nearly a month so I guess we have a bit to catch up on.

To start with, I've had my two weeks holiday (at home) and have spent a lot of the time drunk or under the influence... so I could have probably made more use of my holiday time but I think it was a case of having a decent blow out after a long period of no breaks so I am not bitter. The second week was with my wife so we spent some quality time, out and about but sadly, my lad couldn't make it so there was a bit of disappoinment there.

In the first week, I had my Trengrouse Trim and went from this:

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To a rather more shiny:

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As a result of the evening's takings, the sponsor money from work and the Go Fund Me page, I raised over £500. With a bit more wheeling and dealing (sale of sculpts and some reproduction rights), I have added a further £400 to the total and will top off the rest so that, together, we will provide a new Flexi-Porter chair for the care home I work in. All in all, a pretty successful little venture.

On the same day as the Trengrouse Trim, I bought a VFR750 that had been involved in a bit of a scrape:

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Since the photo was taken, I have removed all of the fairings and seat cowl and have replaced the clutch/brake levers. I am in the process of replacing the right foot-brake but bolts are siezed and I need to drill things so it is waiting for a bit of enthusiasm. The aim of this little project is to build a streetfighter... so no fairing and a few modifications. All I need is some garage time... and I have some more holiday booked at the end of November so I should have some time for a bit of tinkering.

To change the subject, our visiting cat has been reunited with his owner so he won't be visiting any more... and our kitten (Alfie) has now been neutered so he is free to go out into the big world and get upto whatever shenanigans he wants to.

On to hobby stuff... to start with, I have been busy building the four proxy Taurox vehicles and they are just waiting for some plastic mesh (ordered) and they will be ready for paint. All the wheels have been base coated separately but here is where the vehicles are, at the moment:

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As you can see, they aren't a copy of the original design but more of a Stug with transport space. As soon as the mesh is attached to the rooves of these, they'll get sprayed up.

I mentioned earlier that I had sold some bits and bobs. The first thing to go was reproduction rights for these (already sold for personal use without rights to sell them): 

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I may have some interesting news about what happened to these, in a later blog post. In addition to that, I have sold my two competition sculpts:

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They were sent off today and I should also have some interesting information about these at a later date.

Well... I'm back at work again and life is returning to normal, after a small bout of illness so I reckon we can leave things here.

See you from the garage!