Sunday, 30 November 2008

Sunday again.

Well it's Sunday again and it has been a relatively slow week considering that Inso had the week at home. However, I suppose he has finished the Beetle-bot unit and transport, even if he hasn't got much further. I suppose that this could be a bit to blame:

The mech is an Armoured Valkyrie from the Macross universe and is a princely 4 incehs tall. Aparently, Inso had to do something but was too tired to do anything towards his projects so he rummaged through his cupboard and found a pair of these mini-kits. He only built one but I suppose that leaves the other one for when he is bored again.

On the bright side, Inso has been able to put paint to miniature and has progressed his latest Stormtrooper unit so that they are all upto the same standard. They are not finished and have their guns, visors and a few other little details to go but they are certainly getting there. For a better view of the picture click on it:

Well, that will be it for this week because it is Bingo night and Inso will be off calling the numbers again!

Catch you later!

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Another day...

Inso has been on my case today. Last night he received a forwarded e-mail from a friend that was sent in all innocence but rattled his cage quite a lot.

Basically it was a poem about a little girl whose dad was a soldier who died a few weeks ago and she stood up in front of everyone and said that he was now a star in the sky and was happy.

Can you imagine the effect that a poem like that would have if it was sent to someone whose husband/son/partner was currently serving in a warzone or trouble spot as part of his service duty?

Inso would just like to say that for every news story that mentions another soldier who has gallantly fallen in the pursuit of his service duties abroad, there are countless others who don't. Hearing about a soldiers death is heartbreaking for the general public but can you imagine how it feels to someone whose family member is doing the same job, at the same time and in the same place? They believe that their partner has fallen as well and until they receive reassurance, they are worried sick to their stomach.

A lot of people forward innocent looking e-mails but don't necessarily understand the enormity of what some of them contain. To everyone who reads this, please read what you are forwarding on to people and think about who they are and how things may affect them.

In other news, please support: . They are a valuable resource that has recently collapsed and need funds to get them back up and running.

Sorry about the 'dour' nature of the post today...sometimes things just need to be said.

Catch you later.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Even Quicker...

Group hug!:

Click the pic for a lovely big picture of Sgt Deathwatch, the Beetle-bots and their Beetle-waggon.

Catch you later!

Blimey...that was quick!

I got sent this pic today; meet Sgt Deathwatch:

It just needs the base painting and then it can be varnished along with all the other Beetle-bots.

Now there are no excuses...Inso will have to crack on with the Stormtrooper squad...won't he?

Catch you later!

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Meet Sgt Deathwatch.

It has been a while coming but here is a pic that Inso sent to me. It is the finished conversion of Sgt Deathwatch, leader of the Beetle-bots:

It is based on a Torsten miniature from the Grymn range at Hasslefree Miniatures. Inso has deliberately kept it fairly simple to try to match the style of the Beetle-bots. He is armed with a bolt pistol and power weapon and the funny lumps on the shoulder guard are antennae for controlling the bots. The eye-piece is supposed to be able to slide back on the rail to leave the visor clear (the downward view shows the rail and stop).

Now all that is required is a coat of paint and some sand on the base and the whole squad, including transport, will be complete. Speaking of transport, the Beetle-Wagon is now Matt and not Gloss so looks a whole lot better...but you'll have to wait to see it!

Catch you later.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

You need...the B-Team!

This is a small bit of progress (although, I have been informed that it isn't the ONLY progress so far this week) and it is on the Beetle-bot transport vehicle. Inso said that it looked a bit bland if you have a problem...have nowhere to turn to...then you better contact...the B-Team:

Inso will be toning down the shine with a coat of matt varnish but thought a blinged out shiny picture was the order of the day!

In other news, Sgt Deathwatch is almost finished...just the arms to go now. Also work continues on the latest Stormtrooper unit. This will become more once the vehicle and Sgt Deathwatch are fully complete.

Catch you later!

Sunday, 23 November 2008

A rather distracted week...

With all the things that have been happening with Inso this week, it is surprising that he has sent me anything to show off! However, he hasn't disappointed. Here is a WIP pic of the transport vehicle for his Beetle-bot Squad:

From what he has told me, he is looking to give it an 'A-Team' sort of stripe down the side but is not quite sure how he is going to do it...I'm sure he'll work it out!

Next up shows further work on Sgt Deathwatch; leader of the Beetle-bots:

As you can see, he now has an optical array and his arms have changed a little bit. Inso has said that he wants to have this finished and painted by next weekend...along with the transport. We'll see...

Finally, we have a WIP for the next squad in Inso's burgeoning Grymn collection. This one is a Sgt for the latest Stormtrooper unit. There is still a bit to go but it's a start:

As well as the above progress, Inso has assembled a model kit ready for conversion. I am not able to say anything else other than 'Support Flier'. Make of that, what you will.

Catch you later!

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A Small Update.

Although Inso has ticked along with various bits and pieces this weekend, he hasn't really got too much to show off apart from his Black Scorpion Aliens:

They are named the Desertes and if you want to find out a little bit about them, have a look here:

With a little bit more of a story here:

All that is left to finish on the Desertes above, are the bases and varnish but the varnish will be done when the rest of the unit is finished.

Apart from that, the Grymn Stormtroopers are now partially base coated and the Beetle-bot transport vehicle has been base coated ready for the wash stage.

That will be it for this weekend because Inso has his dinner to eat and then it's off up to the club to do the bingo calling for the ladies and gents!

Catch you later!

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Saturday after a quiet week.

Well, this week appears to have been a very quiet one for the hobby tinkerings of Inso. I think this has mostly been down to a two day trip away from home. Nonetheless, he has managed to finish a few things and start a few others.

First of all, the Beetle-bots are now all based and awaiting a Sgt to lead them. Sgt Deathwatch has had a little more work done...and a little work removed so he hasn't really progressed much. On the Beetle-bot squad subject, Inso has started and progressed on their transport, a wheeled APC with a little turret.

The three aliens have had a bit more work done. The flesh has been washed with the armour and weapons washed and highlighted as well. Still very WIP.

The OGrymn has had his feet removed and work has begun to improve his proportions and make him look a bit more anatomically correct. It is still as WIP as before but seems to be going in the right direction.

Finally, a small squad of 6 Grymn Stormtroopers (heavy infantry) have found their way to the table and are waiting for Inso to decide on a colour scheme. They are currently undercoated black and based. They may stay like that for a can never tell with Inso! photos due to nothing much to show that isn't WIP. Hopefully, things will change over the next day or so. I guess we'll see, won't we?

Catch you later!

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Another Sunday Update.

It seems that Inso has really been bitten by the Beetle-bot bug. He has sent me pix of another two; one armed with bolter and power fist and the other armed with plasma pistol and power axe:

As well as the Beetle-bots, Inso has started work on Sgt Deathwatch, leader and controller of the Beetle-bot squad. There is a lot to do on this one...but it is a start:

Inso has also been blowing the dust off an old project. His OGrymn leader has come out of the cupboard and has received a little work. Not too much has been done so far but the pointing hand is nearly finished and the gun has been fitted ready for a lot of sculpting work to tie it into the arm a bit better. Inso also mentioned that the feet have been removed in order to lengthen the shins a bit (because the lower legs were out of proportion). Here is what he was like before he lost his feet:

Finally, Inso has started to paint some of the Aliens he bought at Salute. These are from Black Scorpion miniatures and are shown here at a very early stage of painting:

Well...that's about it!

Catch you later.

Sunday, 2 November 2008

More Robots and Something New.

Well it seems that Inso has had a bit of a busy weekend. He has sent me pix of two more of his Beetle-bots; Red 3 and Green 5:

So far, the Beetle-bots have been armed with: a pair of lightning claws, a flamer and power axe, a flamer and power hammer and a bolter and power axe. They are representing a Space Marine Sternguard Veteran squad and will be available to attach to any Inso's Grymn armies.

Next up is a bit of a curve-ball. This is a sculpt that came about as an 'informal competition' over at the Forum of Doom. The challenge was to take a metal miniature of 'Kevinicus' from the Hasslefree shop and dress him in what ever manner you choose. Being a Grymn addict, Inso chose to dress him in a slightly 'human-sized' version of Grymn armour. The addition of the beret was to add a bit of modern realism to the sculpt and helps to give the miniature a hard sci-fi look. The weapon is from the Hasslefree shop as well (so it won't have a negative effect on the competition).

So...what's the prize? Nothing except a pat on the back for the winner (and the slight possibility of the miniature getting cast).

Well... here is the sculpt/conversion:

Catch you later!

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Robot Madness.

Yes, it has been a while since the last update but it seems Inso has been driven robot-crazy. The story is that He wanted to buy something but wasn't sure what so he took his son shopping with him to help choose. His son decided that a box of GW40k Necron Warriors was the way to go so Inso bought a box.

NOW...we all know that Inso can't possibly build something without changing things and he ended up with a small robot for his Grymn army that could be used for building clearance. After the first one, it became a fairly easy process to make more:

If you are interested in building your own, here is a step-by-step guide:

Catch you later.