Thursday, 22 May 2008

Nearly a whole month of peace!

Well hasn't it been a bit quiet here for a while? I thought that I would shed a small amount of light on what is going on in Inso's world at the moment.

Inso has been away for almost a month now and has been kept very busy fixing things. He is currently working a 24hr on, 24hr off shift pattern and is getting about 7 hours sleep every two days because his insomnia has been rearing it's ugly head a lot. He is fairly happy and has met some very nice people where he is working. The Americans are particularly good at making friends and Inso has had many a chat about the different cultures that we have.

For inspiration, Inso only has to look out of his accomodation to see Humvees parked every where in a multitude of different models. There are armoured personnel carriers, trucks, attack helicopters and many other cool things (including the Polaris, quad bike/buggies)...all there to stimulate ideas.

He has already written a short story (it can be found in the Forum of Doom: Hasslefree gaming and flufferey section).

His homework is progressing...he is learning electrics and is currently finding out all about fibre optics...NICE ;).

Inso has also flown about as a passenger in one of his helicopters but he said that he'd much prefer fixing them to flying in them!

Roll on the 28th of's not as far away as it was a few days ago!

Catch you later!