Sunday, 31 March 2013

It's still green.

Now that my camera battery has charged up I can show the final, final pic of the Goblin sculpt:

He now has a shiny new basing tab and the tiny holes in his groin and under his nose have been filled in. He just needs to dry before I send him off for casting. I will need to get the address first though!

Seeing as I have been sculpting the Goblin, I have been ending up with small amounts of putty leftover so I have been putting it to good use on my Thor commission:

Click the Pic!

I am just fleshing him out at the moment but he is progressing in the direction I want him to... so all is good. In other sculpting news, I have been adding to the Daemon Prince and will soon have some progress to show off. At the moment the face is being worked on and he currently looks like some sort of a fat-lipped fish so I don't want to post pix because people will get the wrong idea of what I want to achieve.

So... sculpting has taken over things at the moment but I have still been able to get a small amount of painting done. It seems that the new powered armour Grymn have stimulated an urban painting drive and I have dug some of the urban platoon out of the cupboard for some work. At the moment, I am getting the first base coat on the platoon so it really isn't that interesting to see... but it is a huge boost to the army painting drive because I actually get to see them as a painted unit (even if there is still a long way to go).

AND finally... I have bought a drop-ship toy to chop up and convert. It is one of these:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, it is an action figure toy and is the Quinjet from the Avengers movie. It should be a fun project but I will have to wait until it arrives to properly assess what I want to do with it. There are two options... I can use it as transport for the Powered Armour platoon or I can convert it to use as a  transport option for a mechanised platoon (including vehicles). Until I know dimensions, I can't make any decisions so I wait with baited breath.

Well... that appears to be it for today. I hope you all had a nice Easter and celebrated (or not) how you chose to; whether that meant chocolate eggs or a visit to church.

See you from the room of opportunities!

A green Sunday

Before I start today's post proper, I'd like to welcome Cadcole588 to Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you enjoy your stay. Please feel free to comment and get involved.

So... what is Goblin Aid?

Well, Goblin Aid started as a result of Kev 'The Goblinmaster' Adams getting assaulted and robbed in his own home. Fortunately, he is now on the road to recovery but he has suffered greatly and as a result Goblin Aid was set up to at least raise enough money to replace what was stolen. Part of Goblin Aid involved a number of sculptors getting together to sculpt goblins for auction to raise money. Here is my offering... Future Cop Goblin:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, he is ready to judge and dish out punishment. He took a few days to sculpt and I am pretty happy with him... for my very first Goblin sculpt, he's better than I could have wished (even if his head is just a little bit larger than I planned).

Here are a few more close-up pix:

Click the Pix!

From the pix, you'll notice I need to finish off the basing tab and fill a small hole in the groin and maybe just under his nose... but he's done apart from that.

Once he has been sent away and the auction has been set-up, I will post further links.

This has been part one of today's Inso's World update. Part 2 will be coming later on (once my camera battery has re-charged) and it will be worth tuning into.

See you from the mushroom fields!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

A busy Sunday post

Well, a lot has happened this week. As you will have seen from my last post, Kev Adams was seriously assaulted in his own home. Fortunately, he was well enough to return home but is seriously battered and bruised and will need surgery to repair his cheek bones once all of the swelling dies down.

This assault has caused a bit of a backlash and as a result, various people have got together to raise some money to soften the blow and at least raise enough for a new laptop to replace the one that was stolen.

Click this Facebook LINK for further details.

With this in mind, I have thrown my hat into the ring and am sculpting a Goblin and here is the WIP (along with Thor... a commission piece):

Click the Pic!

Still a way to go but it is a start. I need to get the Goblin finished quickly so that it can go away for casting before Salute... so it will be getting more work later today (it is drying at the moment).

In other news... Charmmy has taken her first steps outside:

Click the Pic!

She is still very small for her age but has had her jabs and is allowed out now... but finding a tiny collar is proving difficult so it is with supervision at the moment so that she doesn't run off.

So... Let's talk about Grymn powered armour. As you know, I was sent a Grymn in powered armour from Hasslefree Miniatures. Well... that wasn't the whole story because I ended up being sent three. So the single miniature was soon joined by these:

Click the Pic!

Obviously, I was keen to get painting and I quickly ended up with a colour scheme:

Click the Pic!

Once I was happy, I applied the same scheme to the other two:

Click the Pic!

I have left the shoulder pads grey at the moment because I will be adding some decals once I have a few more Grymn in powered armour to join them. These are destined for their own platoon that will join the Urban Army when they are finished.

So... in a couple of weeks Salute will be happening. I will be there working on the Hasslefree Miniatures stand this year and will be happy not to be straying very far because I can see where my money is going this year (see pix above!). I have bought a ticket (so I can get the entry goodies) but will be helping to set up on the evening before this year... Kev and Sally will be leaving the helpers to run the stand this year as they will be in the USA at another show. It is a shame that they won't be at Salute but the offer of a US trip for the family was too good for them to turn down.

In other news... after selling a bunch of stuff, I have a little bit of a slush-fund sitting in my Pay-Pal account so I am guilt free when I visit E-Bay. As a result, I have a couple of kits on the way for a really cheap price and still have cash to play with... so look out E-bay! Once the kits arrive, I will show them off but one of them will fit in very nicely with another of my projects.

On a completely different note, I replaced a lost poetry book today. I had a small, pocket-sized, war poetry book that was dear to me but I have managed to lose it. As a result, I have had to replace it so I bought a slightly larger tome with most of the poems from the original book with many more besides. It is a testament to the many authors that a poem can say so much more than a story ever could and everyone should at least read a few poems in their life... it adds colour and vibrancy to words.

I think that is about it for today.

See you from the chair, next to the table, beside the PC!

Friday, 22 March 2013

The World is a Dangerous Place.

Watching some of the terrible news that appears on the TV makes you feel a bit sad/shocked but it isn't until you hear about bad news within your family/friends/community that it really hits home.

Yesterday, Kev 'The Goblin Master' Adams was attacked and robbed in his own home. He suffered injuries to his face and shoulder and a knife was involved. He was hospitalised... all for the cost of a Computer.

My best wishes go out to Kev and his family and I wish him a speedy recovery and I especially hope that he is able to come to terms with what happens.

There are moves afoot to raise some funds for when he returns home, even if it just to replace his computer. I will post more news when there is any.

This is a very sad event and I can only re-iterate my sincere best wishes to him at this time.

See you from the back!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

What a great Tuesday I'm having.

Why am I having such a great day? I'll tell you... I got a surprise parcel from my good friends at Hasslefree Miniatures and look what I found inside:

Click the Pic!

Yes... I now have a lovely little Grymn wearing the latest powered armour. As you can see, he is quite a chunky fellow but he will look great in urban camouflage... even though I am sorely tempted to paint him up as a Mondrian.

So... all the hassles at work with computer systems failing and waiting around for briefings was brushed aside by my nice little surprise.

Colour me tickled pink!

See you from the bunker on top of the hill!


An image (that I drew badly) to explain how a Grymn fits in the suit:

Click the Pic!

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday's post-dinner post

Before I start the post proper, I'd like to welcome cedric mauville to Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you take the time to explore the gardens and share your thoughts.

It has been a long week this week. I was all up for painting Mondrians but the backlash against the green sort of dampened my enthusiasm... so I decided to convert and paint a couple of traders instead:

Click the Pic!

I also decided that the original trooper was going to be their bodyguard so that I could paint the troopers in a fairly uniform way (without using green). That means that I had to have a reason for the green on the trooper and it occurred to me that the green was so unpopular that it could be the colour of punishment. That would also explain his attachment to the traders... he has to serve a time of penitence for some crime or other.

While on the Mondrian project...

...I was over at TMP when I noticed a POST that reviewed some Domes and scenery from Scotia Grendel. Now, I have known that these have been available for ages but I have never seen them as nicely painted as these before (These are not painted by me):

Click the Pic!

So it got me thinking that these would be perfect for Grymn because they are quite small scaled compared to modern miniatures... so they would be perfect for a small, Mondrian trader's outpost. At the moment, I am waiting for an Ebay bid to reach fruition before I can decide whether to get some of these or not... but it is in my head now so it will happen at some point.

Did I mention E-Bay? well I have got a few bids on a few kits but I am not saying anything until the auction is over... but they are fun items.

Fun items? Mondrians are traders and they need to get their kit about... so what better than a buggy with a trailer to do just that? It seems that the Ainsty Castings buggies that I bought at Overlord will be put to good use as Mondrian trader's vehicles. I am in the process of assembling and converting them at the moment so there will be more news on those later. I also hope to source a few manual labour robots to help the traders lift and carry... but I haven't found what I am looking for so the feelers are out and I have had some great suggestions... but the perfect one hasn't been found.

And finally, I have dug out another pair of heavy infantry to go with the Mondrians (one is a copy of the trooper that has been removed) so I will have eleven troops in all... plenty. I have also finished base-coating and putting the wash on the Enforcer's anti-grav vehicle... but it looks dirty and unloved at the moment so I will wait to show pictures.

Well... that is it for today. Enjoy the week and I'll be back next Sunday.

See you from the Millenium Falcon as it makes the jump to light speed!

Sunday, 10 March 2013

A bit of an adventure...

This week, I have been doing something different again. It seems like the worst thing I can do is look in my miniatures cabinet because I can't help myself from re-visiting old projects. This particular project revolves around a conversation that I had about my urban camouflage schemes. Someone said that they looked a bit Mondrian so after a spot of investigation... I found a new project.

The Mondrians

The Mondrians are an unusual race because they are completely secular and refuse to learn other people's language or customs. They communicate with each other using a series of clicks and whistles that don't seem to show any pattern or reason. There are some scientists who believe that they are a psychic race that only uses clicks and whistles to confuse people but this has not been proven.

One thing that can be said is that they are prolific traders who love to use items from anywhere they can find them. Their favourite trading partners are the Grymn because they are exactly the same size and build and that makes it perfect because they don't have to modify the traded equipment to fit. When trading, the Mondrians do it face to face and simply point at what they want and then point at what they can offer. The traders usually arrive with their goods and will set them out on an elaborate and finely embroidered sheet so that they can be easily viewed. They have a small slate that is used to mark out quantities... usually a series of dots made with chalk. They usually bring a motley selection of items from all around the universe with few items that they have produced themselves. Generally speaking, they are excellent at getting what they want but will often trade over the odds for weapons... even going as far to insist that the over generous trade is received. it is the view of the scientists that this is linked to the value the Mondrians place on life and that they insist on paying over the top for anything that can take a life... but again, this cannot be proven.

The Mondrian face resembles a Grymn's but has three distinct differences. First of all, they don't have a visible nose. Instead there is a broad upper lip area that meets where a Grymn would have the bridge of their nose. Secondly, their skin is a vibrant red and finally, their eye colour is also different; being completely yellow with no visible pupil.

It is difficult to say why they do it but the Mondrians like to paint their war-machines and equipment in bold geometric patterns with bright, distinctive colours within strong boundaries of black. They also like to turn up on any battlefield at any time to fight alongside one of the combatants. Usually, this is tolerated but there are occasions where stealth is required and having a brightly coloured selection of troops and vehicles alongside you can prove difficult. When problems like this arise, the Mondrians won't leave but will follow behind at a safe distance until battle is joined and will then come to help. It is assumed that the small number of Mondrian troops that arrive are young and are trying to prove their mettle in battle but that cannot be taken as fact, as they won't attempt to explain. It can be noted that the Mondrians will normally fight on the weakest side so that adds further weight to the argument.

When in battle, the Mondrians use a selection of traded weapons and equipment but prefer to use Grymn made items. If you looked past the odd colours of their uniforms and equipment, you would almost think that they were Grymn , as long as their faces were concealed. Their combat doctrine is similar to many other races and they use tactics and strategies just the same but they have an edge over the Grymn and that is the speed of the troops. They are faster than Grymn and are able to leap twice their height into the air. They have extremely fast reflexes and are able to dodge attacks with little effort. On the flip side, they do not suffer pain well and if they are injured will drop to the floor and remain in a catatonic state until they are rescued; no matter how small their injury is. This bizarre behaviour has been seen on numerous occasions and it is believed that the Mondrians do this because they do it when they train. Enemies are familiar with this and rarely bother with fallen Mondrians because they know that once they are on the ground they will take no further part in the fighting so they can concentrate on fighting those that will. They also know that Mondrians cannot be interrogated so they are worth nothing as prisoners and tend to leave them where they are.

That little bit of text came about after I decided that I wanted to take the project a little further forward than just a tank:

Click the Pic!

Now, I deliberately mentioned that the Mondrians turn up to fight in small groups because, to be honest, I didn't relish the idea of painting hundreds of troops with the same pattern as the tank. With that in mind, I thought it would be a good idea to paint a test model... so here is the leader of the Mondrian squad (I still have to finish the base):

Click the Pic!

Luckily I picked up a bunch of Grymn at low prices through a private sale and they were perfect for this little project. I had to adjust the face a little and thought that I needed a contrasting colour for the webbing... and that was that.

I have another nine of these on the table and plan to convert a couple of traders but that will be all for this little project.

... but what of the Enforcers? Well, I have base-coated the anti-grav transport ready for washing so I am ticking along with that too.

All I need to do now is stop getting distracted.

See you from the farm!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Another post...

I'd like to welcome stonecoldlead to Inso's World. I hope you find plenty to keep you amused here.

I thought I'd show off some Grymn I have just finished. Unfortunately, the pix could be better... but here they are anyway:

Click the Pic!

They are one part of my Necromunda Enforcers gang. Although it is only for show... here's the proposed transport option:

Click the Pic!

I see these as a SWAT team and as a result, they have an anti-grav transport to ferry them about.

It is funny what you dig out when you really haven't a clue what to get motivated by.

See you from the cells!

After Overlord

Hello again and I'd like to welcome our newest follower; ACME to Inso's World. Welcome to the blog and I hope you enjoy your stay. Feel free to comment and share information if you feel the need.

Seeing as I have absolutely no hobby related news to share... apart from the fact I have put some Grymn on the table to paint... if I can finally motivate myself to do so, I thought I'd share my thoughts about the Abingdon Wargame Club's annual Overlord show.

Getting there was easy. Once I arrived in Abingdon there were Overlord signs posted up in plenty of places so finding Fitzharry's School was plain sailing.

Parking was free and there was plenty of it. Once inside the venue, I bought my ticket (£2-50), picked up my free miniature (a British WWII soldier from 'XIII Legion' miniatures) and went into the show. I could have bought some raffle tickets - for Cancer Charity - but made a donation instead (I don't generally do raffles).

Inside there were three halls and a canteen area with hot food and drink at VERY reasonable prices. There was seating as well.

Each of the halls had traders around the outside and various games tables in the middle and to be honest, for a relatively small venue, there were a lot of people and a lot of traders/games so that was a nice thing to see.

I met up with some friends from the WWW and had a chat, walked around the venue a few times, admired the games, chatted with stall owners and bought a few bits and bobs. I was there for a couple of hours and to be honest, as a non-gamer, I think that was adequate. If you were a gamer (or had something in the bring and buy), then you could easily have stayed much longer because the tables were open house.

Overall, Overlord is a very well run little show with lots to look at and plenty of opportunities to try games and buy stuff. I had a nice time there.

So... what did I buy?
10 - Eisenkerne troops from Dreamforge Games.
3 - buggies from Ainsty Casting
1 - Combat robot from Mongoose Publishing
10 - robots from The Scene
...a bacon bap, a sausage roll and a cup of tea :)

I was also quite taken with some scenery products from; namely their vac-formed trench system and rubber roads. Well worth a look.

That is about it for today.

See you from the gun-pit!