Wednesday, 5 May 2021

I can see the finish line!

 Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

Nothing has changed, outside of the hobby so I'm going to get straight to the point... I have nearly finished my Space Dwarf Project.

From the beginning, the plan was to create a range of miniatures that I could build an infantry company with... and have a small amount of support for it. That would mean that I needed about a hundred miniatures. 

I have never felt that all of the miniatures needed to be unique... in fact, I was hoping to get multiple casts of each miniatures to mix and match throughout the company.

So the plan for the company was to have a command squad, three infantry platoons and three heavy weapon squads to support the platoons. This in turn, led to the following list of required miniatures:

So far, I have sculpted 35 out of a planned 42 miniatures and with a few head-swaps that Chris has done for the heavy weapon trooper, I have nearly got all of the required miniatures finished... and the ones that need finishing are just conversions of casts.

Since I last posted on here, I have finished a Colonel:

Click the Pic!

He is armed with a plasma pistol and a master crafted power glove. If you look closely at the power glove you may notice that it may resemble something from a completely different franchise.

I have also finished a Captain with a dog for company:

Click the Pic!

This is my favourite sculpt of the project and I can't wait to get it painted up... I may even convert one a little so that I can join my army myself !

Finally, I emptied my work-bench by head-swapping a few Lasgunners: 

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... and after a bit of base tabbing and tidying, these have now been packed up, ready to be sent to Macrocosm Miniatures for casting:

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Once I get the previous batch of casts, I can convert the last seven miniatures for the project (3 Comms-Troopers and 4 Lasgunners)... and it will be finished! 42 miniatures will have been created and turned into a range. Over a year's work! Finished...

... well... is it, though?

See you from the party table!