Sunday, 24 December 2017

Christmas Eve... already?

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World on Christmas eve 2017.

I thought I'd take a few moments to reflect on, what can be considered, a pivotal year of my life.

The start of the big adventure was getting a mortgage and moving into our own home, just before Christmas last year. At first we were sitting on deck-chairs and sleeping on an air bed... but thanks to some wonderful people who worked super hard, all our furniture was built and arrived before Christmas.

The reason for the move was because I had put my notice in and my 28 years of military service, in the Royal Air Force, came to an end in January so we needed to have somewhere to live.

Click the Pic... and spot a very young Inso on his basic training in 1988!
(Rear rank, far left).

I had a great career and was very proud when my son joined up to carry on in the service I was leaving behind.

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Having lived in Cornwall before, it was a very simple choice for us to move here permanently and it was exactly the right choice. Unfortunately, the house was a bit of a fixer-upper and it still needs lots of work but it was definitely a case of location over serviceability. Fortunately, my RAF pension has meant that I could have time away from work to sort a few things out and as a result, I have been jobless since we moved... which has been a bit of a blessing because my father became very poorly and needed regular visits. Sadly, this escalated to finding out that he had terminal cancer and he passed away on 1st October. As an executor to his will, I was also needed to deal with his funeral, flat clearance and estate so it was good that I didn't have to deal with an employer while going through this time.

Rest in Peace, Dad.

As the year ticked over, we have had builders in to fix the roof on the porch and garage, replace the house guttering and replace our bathroom. I have built shelving, repaired banisters, fitted new fixtures and dealt with all those little things that keep failing or falling off. My next job is to build a walk in wardrobe for my wife so that will be started pretty soon... then it will be windows and kitchen replacement... so a long way to go yet.

During that time, we also had our daughter staying with us for a couple of months and she has now found a place locally where she is close to work and is living with some good friends.

From a personal health point of view, it hasn't been a bad year. I have put on a little weight (which I am enjoying) and have had a complete lack of any ailments apart from a frozen shoulder... which has affected my good arm and restricts its movement so I have to think about how I do things a bit more. It's sore but it's with me for a year or so... so I will have to just work round it. Apart from that... all is good.

In other news, I bought a motorcycle so I am back in the saddle after a lay off of nearly 10 years. It was exactly the right thing to do and when the weather and circumstances allow it, I will ride that bike until I reach the wheel rims:

Click the Pic for a big grin!

From a hobby perspective, I could have been busier but I guess we can't have everything. I have continued work on my Squat army and have even started painting a few. I have started a new little army of Demiurg and have even finished a commission or two. Add to that my little foray into getting some miniatures cast up for sale and it hasn't been too bad. As it stands, I have sold 24 sets of Halfling snipers and all of the Exo Armour legs... so not bad, I guess. If anyone wants any of the Halfling Snipers, you can find them HERE.

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With all this new found freedom, I have also found myself a pub that I consider my local. It has a wonderful community feel and I have made some great friends. As a result, I kicked off my charitable endeavors with a head and beard shave, at the pub, for Marie Curie and was fortunate enough to raise a good sum of money for them. This was one of my first transformations over the year... and while I had the freedom to do so, I have been a little more adventurous than I would ever have been allowed to be in the RAF... 

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All of what I have spoken about, has been shared with my lovely wife. She has been my rock over the year... when I have needed direction, she has pointed me in the right direction. When I have needed help and support, she has been there to lend a shoulder or an ear. When I have been 'interesting', she has sat back and left me to it. She has worked very hard in her job and has been the reason that I have been able to go the year without work. Next year, this will change because I think that if I remain jobless for too much longer, I may become feral!

So... it's Christmas again. Here's Edgar's annual photo-bomb:

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Last night my wife and I were at the pub, celebrating at the Christmas draw with friends and family. It was secret Santa as well so I may have come home with a special friend... who enjoys the same things I do! He's called Dino Martin and he likes to sing like Sinatra:

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With all my rambling, I only have one thing to do and that is to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I particularly extend my best wishes towards all those servicemen and women who won't be at home over the festive period. Stay safe, find happiness where you can and get home soon.

Merry Christmas.

It'll soon be 2018... I am hoping that next year will be equally as varied but a little bit less stressful. We can all wish, can't we?

See you from the dinner table!

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