Sunday, 28 February 2016

Production line fun.

These week has actually been quite interesting.

Sunday afternoon I travelled down to Aldershot for a Career Transition Workshop... a 3 day course that helps you with CV writing, interview techniques, provides you with pointers on career options and also gives you time with a career counseller to help you try to make sense of what the heck you want out of a civvy career.

It was a great little course but it has raised more questions than it answered... but in a good way. I now have lots to think about.

Since I have been back at home, the remaining wheels for my APCs turned up and the whole business of getting some flesh on bones began. First, All the wheels were fitted and the basic frame was made:

Click the Pic!

What I didn't say when I posted the above pic, is that all of the basic frames are upside-down, drying so pretty soon, they turned into this:

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From that pic, you'd think that I was taking a pretty standard approach to a wheeled APC... but I think that the next pictures will show that these are not going to be the normal style of APC:

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As you can see, they have changed into something more like an armoured truck. They are all at the same point in construction so far (the cab is still loose as it needs to be worked on before being glued down). Here is a single one from different angles:

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The cut-out behind the cab is where the escape hatch will be. I am going to put exhast ducts behind the cab and then the passenger cabin behind that. The rear part of the vehicle is likely to change quite a bit so don't be surprised when the finished product doesn't look anything like it does now.

So... what next? 
  • Tidy up the cab and glue it down.
  • Decide how to build the exhaust manifolds/vents.
  • Order 30 small turrets.
  • Order some hatches.
  • Order some more 1mm thick plasticard.
  • Continue with the build.
The vehicle will have a flamethrower at the front and a turret on the top. I also plan to fit 6 turrets to each one to act as the crew controlled lasguns that a Chimera has. 

Well... after almost an entire weekend hunched over a table, cutting and gluing plastic together, I think I've earned a rest!

A bit later, I'll get shopping for bits and bobs.

This coming week, I am away on another course... an introduction to environmental protection... so I will be kept busy and will no doubt crack on with my little APCs at the weekend (if I am not too distracted by other things).

Well that's about it for today.

See you from the out-house!


Steve63 said...

Interesting project, look forward to seeing it finished.

Inso said...

So do I :D (and thanks :) ).