Monday, 23 November 2015

I have a cunning plan...

With all armies, you eventually come up with a plan. In my case, I start with a bunch of miniatures and then decide on what I might do with them. My Squat army is no exception... I started out with a bunch of miniatures decided roughly what I was going to do with them and then came up with a bit of a plan that allowed expansion. I tend to use Excel to put together little army organisation plots because it not only allows you to put your choices in boxes but you can also colour-code things. In fact, the charts that I have come up with, need no explanation... so here they are:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

Looking at the above organisation charts, you will quickly see that the main part of the army is Astra Militarum. I plan to fill the Enginseer boxes in the future but the main goal is to turn all those pink boxes green... then all the boxes blue.

But first... the command squad and psyker.

See you from the edge of the shingle beach, next to the dragon skull!

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