Wednesday, 14 April 2021

Space Dwarfs... Faaahhssands of em.

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Today's post is just one to put together a list of Space Dwarf miniatures that are currently available. It will not be a complete list but it will most certainly be a starter for ten. It doesn't cover 3d files... just miniatures.

1. Macrocosm Miniatures have a number of different styles of Space Dwarf in their sci-fi ranges.

2. Grekwood Miniatures have a single space Dwarf.

3. Gydran Miniatures have a wide range of Space Dwarfs, including power armour and robots to go with them.

4. Hasslefree Miniatures have the Grymn which also have powered armour to bolster the standard troopers.

5. CP Miniatures have Runts, which are a range of Space Dwarfs.

6. Battle Valour Games have a few squads of Space Dwarfs in their sci-fi range (you'll need to scroll for them and they are spread over a couple of pages).

7. Wereweevil Miniatures have a nice range of Space Dwarfs with classic style Exo-Armour (Egg Bots).

8. Forge World have a couple of Squats in their Necromunda range.

9. Bridge Miniatures have Dvargs in their Mutants and Madmen range.

10. Mantic Games have Forge Fathers for various games.

11. Hardcore Miniatures have some new Dwarfs on the way.

12. Wargames Atlantic have Einherjar kits.

13. Uscarl Miniatures have a squad of Space Dwarfs.

14. Ramshackle Games have some Dwarfs... including bikers.

15. Scibor Miniatures have a range of larger sized Dwarfs.

16. Grim Forge has a couple of Space Dwarf items.

17. Old School Miniatures has a Space Dwarf and a bunch of Chaos Space Dwarfs as well.

18. Kromlech have Dvergr Dwarf Commandos (you'll need to scroll to find them).

19. Victoria Miniatures have a Dwarf character.

20. Black Cat Bases have a range called the B'dass, by Moonfleet Miniatures... scroll down on the link.

21. TBC

This list will be updated as I find more miniatures on my travels through the interweb.

See you from the scout party!

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