Sunday, 10 March 2019

Happy Camper.

Hello again. Welcome.

This week has been pretty much the same as most others. I have been working hard, getting a few charity bits and bobs sorted, doing the odd chore and getting some hobby time in as well.

At work, I am starting to feel like I have properly settled in and am relaxing a bit. My work-mates are including me in more conversation and have realised that I am in for the long haul. I still think that I have found my calling and am really happy to have been given the opportunity to work alongside some wonderful people in such a challenging, yet hugely rewarding, career. It is most certainly a 'job' that has got me smiling more than any other job ever has. That said, I think that the timing was important... I could not have worked in Dementia Care five years ago. I don't think I could have coped because I was less patient and quick to get annoyed. Now, I am being praised for my calmness and patience!

Anyway... enough of me gushing about work... Let's talk about some hobby stuff. First up, I managed to get a grip and start a bit of sculpting on the Squat Veteran Squad. It isn't finished yet but I have managed to finish the standard Veterans (with shotguns):

Click the Pic!

Now I just have to finish the five special ones (meltas, comms and Sgt). Since the picture was taken, I have reworked the pointing arm of one of the troopers; it was too short so I had to pull it off and sculpt in an extra segment. As for the rest of them, I will sculpt the hands/sleeves on the four troopers first because the Sgt will need a bit of extra work due to his bionic arm (he has a cuff mounted chainsword and I am also planning to attach a spare hand to his belt so that he can swap out his chainsword when he needs to). 


My three boxes of Ambots arrived yesterday and I seem to have fallen into the usual trap of getting distracted. As a result, I have started working on a pair of them but only one has got far enough to be of use... so here are some scale pix of my Ambot with a Squat and a Primaris Space Marine for comparison purposes:

Click the Pic!

I think it is perfect for the Centurion role that I have chosen it for. It is 50mm tall from the bottom of the base to the top of its carapace.

As for the conversion, I had all sorts of plans but decided that less is more so I have gone for the simple option of replacing the head with a bubble windscreen. There is ample room inside for a Squat pilot  so that is good. I have also decided to use the thumbs from the kit and move the meltas to the back of each fist (they fitted to the thumb position but didn't look right to me)... no trimming required just a case of gluing them in a different location. I will also be adding the 'shoulder shield' to the top of the carapace so that it can represent an assault launcher (as per the Centurion rules).

On to the kit. The kit is a nice one. It has the options of fitting a thumb, graviton gun or meltagun to each hand, in the thumb position. Each sprue contains all the components required to make the robot in two poses... and as a result there is an extra set of legs/abdomen, and extra head and an extra shoulder joint. I am very happy that there are extra legs because they will make great conversion fodder and I am already thinking of upgrading one of my planned Minotaur 'Ogryn' with some mechanical legs. 

The kit assembles simply but the upper armour on the thighs, needs some careful positioning or it will look odd.

I am very happy with my purchase and, to be honest, I don't think that they are too badly priced either.

On to a bit of life and I am currently under the influence of pain-killers due to my shoulder being horrible today. That means that it's going to be a day off from pretty much everything so the hobby has taken a hit. I also apologise if this post doesn't make sense.

See you through the haze!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the feedback on the robots kit. It helps.

Good luck with your shoulder.