Sunday, 11 June 2017

Times are a changin'

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been a house week; mostly geared towards getting the spare bedroom to a liveable standard (we have a guest arriving in a month or so). As a result, it had to be emptied, the curtain rail needed to be replaced and furniture needed to be sourced.

That meant putting a lot of my hobby stuff in the loft/attic, sorting through other boxes and getting rid of stuff, removing the existing curtain pole, repairing the wall, fitting a reinforcing beam, fitting the curtain pole and ordering a bed and bedroom furniture.

Well... it's all done apart from the furniture; which has been ordered and will be here in a couple of weeks.

I have also been doing the usual chores so I haven't really had much time for the hobby. However, I have continued to tick along with the prone Halfling sniper and he is nearly finished so I will, at least, have something to show off next weekend.

Seeing as I haven't got anything current to show off today, here's something from my back catalogue:

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This is the leader of my trenchcoat gangers. He is a converted Ogre from Heresy Miniatures (Nakka - sadly, not in the store at the moment) and started out as a fantasy miniature. This is what he looked like, before paint:

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As you can see, it was just a case of replacing his fantasy weapon with a gun and then sculpting a coat and glasses. The gun is a standard Ork one from Games Workshop. 

As it stands he is the only ganger that is painted. I do, however, have the rest of the Heresy gangers stored away, ready for paint but it seems they are destined to stay there for a while due to my sculpting muse being the dominant one in my life at the moment. Maybe one day soon...

See you from the lead-pile!


Zzzzzz said...

Very nice. Unusual colour choice for the coat but it works - Burbury in necromunda...

Inso said...

I was going for something different (hence the white accessories)... however, it doesn't sit well with me so it will likely get a repaint when I start the gang proper.