Sunday 4 October 2009

Sunday updates.

Well, I said that I would have a few pix today and I didn't want to disappoint you so here they are.

First up, work on the little Dwarfs has continued and they all have their firing arms ready for the addition of weaponry:

Click the Pic!

As you can see, the leader has both arms and one of the others has a block in his hand that will become a weapon at some point. I have learnt something very quickly where weapons are concerned...I will need to support them during sculpting as the one that I did start was difficult to keep in one place...something for me to think about.

While on the subject of Space Dwarfs, I thought I'd knock one up in 28mm scale:

Click the Pic!

Obviously it is still very WIP but it may end up showing off what is intended for the little guys...who knows?

Finally, I have a progress pic of BOB:

Click the Pic!

He now has some shorts and the start of a face...although I may be ripping it off again as I'm not sure that it suits him...decisions, decisions...

As for the comment. I have stalled BIG TIME on that one and will need to start again. It's a bit of a pain but these things happen.

The WWI trench is ticking along slowly...lots of cardboard and paper...still no miniatures from Renegade though...Hmmm...they may have to be cardboard as well if there are no metal ones to use.

See you over, the white cliffs of Dover.



Keep on sculpting, it's starting to work now.
Go, go, go!


Tom C said...

The figures are really starting to take shape. Looking great.

Inso said...

Thank you :).

I must admit that adding an arm to them has really started to make them look like little people.

Don't worry...I won't be stopping just yet ;).