Sunday, 15 July 2018

A lot of stippling.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World on yet another glorious, sunny, Sunday.

This week has been one of this and that. Chores, a bike ride, watching the football and the tennis and also getting quite a lot of hobby stuff done. On Friday there was another cool live band at the Rodney Inn and in between all of the comings and goings, it has been sunny and positive all week.

Last Monday heralded the occurrence of two months being tee-total. so I am now into the third month. It has been interesting... I haven't missed the drink but there are downsides to being around lots of people who drink... namely you can't join them!

The football has been disappointing but also quite an achievement... England are out but the team got further than any of the adult, male, England teams in the past 28 years... so it proves that a young, relatively unknown team can get along nicely without the old guard. Once today's game is over that will be it for football, for me.

The tennis goes on and I don't pay it too much attention.

Hobby wise, I have been relatively busy. The two dirtied up tanks have improved and I have got the tank commander for the third platoon finished:

Click the Pic!

I could have done a slightly better job on him but it is another of my 'finished, not perfect' sculpts. He is looking at his digi-map, wondering how he arrived at his destination and not where he should have got to. 

With the Tank Commander finished, I could get his tank up to the same standard as the rest of the platoon so I ended up with three dirtied up tanks:

Click the Pic!

From then it was just a case of spending a few hours stippling and dry-brushing to end up here:

Click the Pic!

The last pic shows the tanks all ready for decals... but the Tank Commander needs to be painted before that happens so he's next up in the painting queue. 

While I am painting the Tank Commander, I will be sculpting the Company Commander... but although I know she will be female, I haven't decided how to pose her yet so I need to do some thinking.

This week, I needed to replenish a few paints and have done so with a visit to my local Warhammer store (for Agrax Earthshade) and also with an order to Great Escape Games. Unfortunately, the order got a little mixed up but one email was all it took to clear everything up so I will heartily recommend them, both for their economical pricing and their great customer service.

This coming week I hope to get the Platoon Tank Commander painted and the Company Commander sculpted... but it all depends on how things pan out.

That's it for now.

See you from the cupola!

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