Sunday, 22 April 2018

Sunshine and showers.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

I know it's been two weeks since my last post but I have been keeping myself busy with household chores and haven't had very much time for the hobby so I haven't had very much to update.

There have also been days that have been wiped out due to painkillers... so boring stuff that really isn't worth posting about.

Luckily, as a result of a week or two of preparation and painting, the front of the house now looks presentable (having painted the walls, mowed the grass and tidied up what needed tidying), the rear of the house is almost at a point for painting and the grass in the garden has been mowed/cut so the property is starting to look a bit more lived in and maintained. I've also had a friend round to look at removing the tree stumps from the garden (something I would have done myself if my shoulder wasn't too crook for me to swing a pick-axe or sledgehammer) and once the stumps have gone, it means I can focus on sorting out the verge and making it presentable as well.

This coming week, I hope to finish painting the back wall and also finish painting the side of the porch (I have chatted with my neighbour now so I will be able to stand on her property to gain access to it - it was only polite to ask). Once all that is done, I can get in touch with Collingtons and they can take pictures of the nice windows they fitted.

So... no hobby? Well, that isn't strictly true. As much as my sculpting mojo has left the building and I have been totally unable to sculpt anything (much to my displeasure because I am letting commissions slide and that isn't good), I have been ticking along with a model kit. The model kit in question is a Meng, World War Toon, King Tiger tank. I decided that it would make a nice proxy Leman Russ so I converted the weapons and it is now armed with a Punisher Cannon and a Las Cannon instead of its original weapons.

This is what I started with:

Click the Pic!

The main gun is made up of some of the plastic sprue from the kit and a couple of bits of tubing from the barrel of a pen. The Lascannon is one from a Centurion Kit from GW. Once the weapons were converted, I started painting. Some of the bits and pieces were painted on their sprue and others were sprayed after they were assembled. This is what the base-coat looked like:

Click the Pic!

At this point I realised that there were a few holes to fill (I left the aerial off and also an over-large spade) so I popped some Green Stuff into those and touched up the paint, prior to a Wash with Nuln Oil (for the grey bits) and Agrax Earthshade (for the green bits). After this, I stippled the tank with the original colour (Warpaints Army Green), touched up the grey again (Coat d'Arms Iron Grey) and then dry-brushed the whole tank (Vallejo Green Grey). A bit of black for the tracks on the side of the turret, followed by the all the tracks getting a dry-brush of Iron grey. Windows were just painted blue (Coat d'Arms Wizard Blue) and may get a highlight if I feel brave enough to squeeze a brush in there. This is where I am, at the moment:

Click the Pic!

I plan to add markings similar to British WWII tanks and have assembled some decals to do this. Unfortunately, I haven't got everything I need so I have put in an order with Dom's Decals for those I am missing.

I am really very happy with the kit and I think it is perfect as a proxy Leman Russ. I plan to put together a small company of them (ten tanks) with different weapons. With this in mind, I have ordered another two tanks from EBay so they should arrive sometime this week. I plan to arm the first three in the same way, with the next three having Battle Cannons, the three after that with Plasma Cannons and the leader with a Vanquisher Cannon. First things first though, the three Punishers.

Apart from that... not a lot of hobby at all. I really hope that a bit of sunshine this coming week, will help get my DIY jobs done and that I can stay off the painkillers for long enough to get some sculpting done. I guess that only time will tell.

That's it for now.

See you from the top of the ladder!

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Of dust and paint fumes...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been all about preparing the porch ready for paint and then painting it. So there has been lots of sanding, dust and lots of hoovering and wiping down of surfaces, shortly followed by a host of white paint.

After toiling all week (dodgy shoulders make painting ceilings really awkward), I have ended up with a nice, white, porch interior, to go with the nice, white, door and window:

Click the Pic!

It may not look that grand but it looks a whole lot better than when it was covered in mould and had rubbish windows and doors! I have ordered a nice, white, shoe-rack to go in there and then, once that is in and populated with shoes, I'll get the living room back again.

The next job, which has already been started, is to paint the front of the house. I have started filling various holes and cracks but have a small way to go yet, before I start painting. Guess what colour it's going to be... yep... white.

I feel a bit obligated to get things painted as soon as I can because the nice people at Collington's want to get some photographs of their window/door installation but... to be blunt... our house looks rubbish compared to the windows so I said that they can take pix once the house has been painted.

Obviously, I haven't just been dealing with the porch this week (paint has to dry, of course), I have also been cracking on with some commission sculpting. 

With a table full of commissions, I decided to bite the bullet and focus on the five Dwarf bodies that are amongst the others. This is because they are quite simple, are quite repetitive and I knew that once they were finished, I would be freeing up five corks and making my workload look less. I have got really far with them so they now only need a bit of fettling and their base tabs adding. This week has seen them go from shapes:

Click the Pic!

To almost finished Space Dwarf bodies:

Click the Pic!

It's just a case of finishing them now. 

As a result of the porch painting and commission sculpting, I have not really been doing much else (apart from household chores and internet browsing). In separate news, my Megaro Zamac, Gerwalk Phantom has arrived in excellent condition and is just waiting for me to stow it away with the rest of the collection (which is in the loft). I have also bought a tank off EBay to work along side my Panther-Russ tank as a counts-as Leman Russ battle tank. I am not going to say much more than this at the moment because I need to get the tank in hand and compare sizes, before I decide whether it will be viable. If it is, it will not be too time consuming as it will only need weapon swaps, rather than a full conversion job... so watch this space.

That's about it for now.

This coming week should see more DIY (weather depending) and more commission work... but a plan rarely survives contact with the enemy.

See you from the porch!

Sunday, 1 April 2018

Green? Super green!

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has seen the completion of the window and door replacement and that has opened up my 'job book' somewhat.

Basically, now that the windows are done, the mould can be tackled in the house and the exterior can be painted. As a result I have emptied the porch and have started work on filling and preparing the walls, ready for some paint. I first de-moulded it with a chemical and have been filling all the rough areas with some wall filler. The only trouble is that the more I look, the more work I find... so it has been a bit of a prolonged exercise that I can see taking a week or so.

Luckily, the weather is rubbish, otherwise I would feel guilty about not working on the outside of the house as well... but I have enough to keep me busy with the porch at the moment.

So... hobby wise, I have been sculpting a small amount and that sculpting time has been spent on my commissions. Nothing too major to speak of but all progress is good progress...

Click the Pic!

I'll not say too much about them but there is a Squat living ancestor, a Squat heavy weapon specialist and a Goblin boss in the photo... obviously WIP. I have also been working on a second batch of Squat bodies but they aren't at a position to show off yet.

My order from Mantic games finally arrived and I have now got a pair of spray cans with 3 pots of matching 'Army Green' paint to go with them. In a rare moment of dry weather, I sprayed both the Valkyrie proxy and the pair of Squat dreadnoughts in this new green colour and it really is spot on for my requirements. Once I get a bit further along with painting them, I will share some pix.

I have been watching Facebook (as usual) and have noticed a few of my Berserker sculpts turning up in various paint-schemes. It is proper cool to see and I reckon that I will compile an album of the various paint-jobs to share on here at some point.

This coming week will be a bit mixed but I plan to focus as much as I can on my commission sculpts, in amongst the DIY stuff that I have to get done.

See you from the show ground!

Sunday, 25 March 2018


Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been quite productive with lots going on so I won't waste any time and I'll get on with it.

After just over a year in our house, the windows and doors are being replaced. They were the bane of my life over the winter and I will be glad to see the back of the howling gales and damp that was a result of our terribly fitted windows and doors. This week, the fitters have been in and everything has been replaced apart from the back door and side panel (which will be getting done on Monday). The difference is amazing.

It's funny how a house full of tradesmen inspires a bit of work... as a result, I have been sculpting commissions and other bits and bobs... but sadly, not too much that I can show off yet. I do have this though:

Click the Pix!

It isn't too far along but it is a converted GW Cold One who will eventually become a sci-fi Lizard-man with heavy weapon. There are three more that will also get the sci-fi treatment but that will be in-between other sculpting work.

In other hobby news, I have been sent a couple of casts of my Berserker and last night, I decided to paint one:

Click the Pic!

His name is Steppen Odinson... and here is his story (you will need to open in a new tab/window to read it):

Right click and open in new tab to read!

While I was painting the Berserker, I used one of GW's painting handles and I am really chuffed at how easy it was to use. I would recommend getting one and I think at £5.00, it is a bargain... well worth the money.

So... what's on the table at the moment? Well...
  • Commission: 5 Squat bodies.
  • Commission: Squat heavy weapon gunner.
  • Commission: Goblin leader.
  • Charity: Squat Living Ancestor.
  • My stuff: Lizard, 2 Bullgryn, Predator team (movie Squats).
What is my focus on? At the moment, in this order:
  1. Commission: Squat heavy weapon gunner.
  2. Charity: Squat Living Ancestor.
  3. Commission: Goblin.
  4. Lizard.
  5. Commission: 5 Squat bodies.
  6. Other stuff.
I would prefer all the commissions to be at the top but my mojo is just starting to reappear at the moment so I expect to be able to improve my commission rate very soon. That is just the way the cookie crumbles.

So... Monday will see the end of the window/door fitting and I can get a few things sorted out... which probably means 'house jobs' so my hobby time will reduce... but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

See you through clear windows!

Sunday, 18 March 2018

A week of Dread!

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been pretty sleepless... apart from one tablet night... so I have been restricted in what I could get on with. That said... I have been pottering on with things... but first...

The Halfling snipers are available to buy, in metal from here:

I have also sold my competition sculpt and it has been cast up in metal and may become available at some point. Here's the Original miniature and the metal version (photo is from the purchaser):

Click the Pix!

What I have been doing is putting the proceeds of the various miniature sales to good use, donating to various charities. One such charity is Cancer Research and I have helped my wife's work-place to enter a team of runners into the Race for Life, through the sale of my Squat Exo-Armour legs and the Competition Sculpt. If you wish to help further, here is a link to the donation page:

I guess it's time to start talking about hobby progress. This week, as I have mentioned, wasn't the best for maintaining hobby focus so I have kept away from commissions because, quite frankly, I don't want to ruin what I have already got so far with. When I work on my own stuff, I only have myself to worry about so that is what I have been doing this week. I have been slowly pottering along with my Dreadnoughts and have finished them. Here's what I ended up with:

Click the Pic!

... and when there was a break in the weather, I managed to get a coat of primer on them both:

Click the Pic!

With those two as finished as they can be at the moment (I don't have the paint I need to start painting them with), I tried a bit of sculpting but failed miserably... so I decided to brave the attic and see what I could find. As it happened, I found some T'au Fire Warriors and Stealth Suits, some Dark Elf lizard riders and some Mantic Orks that I started converting into Bullgryn a while ago. Recently, I was looking on EBay and I found a lot that contained a host of Bullgryn/Ogryn weapons so I bought it. Knowing that I had these weapons on hand, I quickly got to work on the only converted Ork and added some of the weapons, ending up with this:

Click the Pic!

At the moment, he is not finished; he still needs a bit of filling and a few details to be added. In the meantime, I have started on the second one but he is at a very early stage so I don't have any pics. The sad thing is that I have three identical miniatures and they are made of Restic (which is a bugger to work with) so I will need to put a lot of work/thought in to making them suitably different to one another. One thing I am thinking of doing, is making a couple of female Bullgryn... that will certainly make them different. In the end, I should have a functional squad of five Bullgryn to add to my Squat army.

So... T'au and big lizards... You wouldn't think they would be compatible at all, would you? Well, I have recently become interested in Pinterest and during my travels, I came across this little beauty:

Click the Pic!

I think it is an excellent idea and although I would do things a little differently, it is something that I am keen to have a go at.

I think that is about everything. 

See you from the spawning ground!

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Well... that was a week.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week, has been one of sleepless nights, low motivation and pottering along.

It was great to see my son, who came down for most of the week to visit us. It was the first time in ages he visited alone so we were able to chat about a lot of things without the need for socialising with everybody. That was something that really needed to happen because we hadn't really spoken much about my dad, his grand dad, passing away and the emotional complications the loss of a loved one causes. We were able to share all the questions and try to find answers and I think that we were both the wiser for it.

We had a nice little family get together on Tuesday. We were treated to a meal by our children and had a lovely time at a local restaurant. It was a Mother's Day gift from them, while my son was visiting.

A few other family things happened... some good and some not so good... but it was quite an eventful week.

A lack of sleep has meant that I haven't really managed to get very much hobby work done this week... especially commissions (I really don't want to mess up the good progress I have made on them). All I have done is tinker with the two dreadnoughts and this is where I am at, as of yesterday:

Click the Pic!

I am working to finish off the bodies before I start to finish off the arms. They are getting there.

What about the rugby? There's not a lot to say about it really. England have discovered that they need to work together, better... I very much doubt if they have another win in their pocket for next week and I think that Eddy Jones has his work cut out. That aside... after a Friday night in the pub and a 'to hell with it' day in the pub watching the rugby yesterday, today is all about food shopping and a Sunday roast and little else.

That's it for today. 

See you from the spire!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

After the thaw.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

What can I say about this week? Well, for starters, this happened:

Yes, we had snow in Cornwall and ended up getting a good few inches of it so there has been a lot of disruption. My wife ended up having a couple of days off work and we pretty much hunkered down and only popped out once or twice for a few items of shopping. Luckily, all the snow has gone now so everything should get back to normal for the coming week.

Most of this week has been about commissions. All of my hobby time from Monday to Thursday, was spent sculpting stuff for other people. Here's where I am at (goblin at the top, Squat below and 5 Squat bodies below that):

Click the Pix!

Friday, I woke up very tired so I decided not to sculpt and instead, began the process of converting the Kastelan robots into Squat dreadnoughts. After a couple of days, I have got the basic shape sorted out and now need to start adding the details:

Click the Pic!

I wanted to give the dreadnoughts a few design elements from Rogue Trader so have given them shoulder pads like those found on the Squat Exo Armour and have tried to make the bodies similar to those found on the old Rogue Trader dreadnoughts. There is still a way to go but I think they look pretty good so far.

In other news, the Exo Armour legs that I sculpted have now been sold and are on their way to America. That means that both of my casting experiments have now moved on to other owners.

I think that's about it for now.

See you from the igloo!