Sunday, 8 April 2018

Of dust and paint fumes...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been all about preparing the porch ready for paint and then painting it. So there has been lots of sanding, dust and lots of hoovering and wiping down of surfaces, shortly followed by a host of white paint.

After toiling all week (dodgy shoulders make painting ceilings really awkward), I have ended up with a nice, white, porch interior, to go with the nice, white, door and window:

Click the Pic!

It may not look that grand but it looks a whole lot better than when it was covered in mould and had rubbish windows and doors! I have ordered a nice, white, shoe-rack to go in there and then, once that is in and populated with shoes, I'll get the living room back again.

The next job, which has already been started, is to paint the front of the house. I have started filling various holes and cracks but have a small way to go yet, before I start painting. Guess what colour it's going to be... yep... white.

I feel a bit obligated to get things painted as soon as I can because the nice people at Collington's want to get some photographs of their window/door installation but... to be blunt... our house looks rubbish compared to the windows so I said that they can take pix once the house has been painted.

Obviously, I haven't just been dealing with the porch this week (paint has to dry, of course), I have also been cracking on with some commission sculpting. 

With a table full of commissions, I decided to bite the bullet and focus on the five Dwarf bodies that are amongst the others. This is because they are quite simple, are quite repetitive and I knew that once they were finished, I would be freeing up five corks and making my workload look less. I have got really far with them so they now only need a bit of fettling and their base tabs adding. This week has seen them go from shapes:

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To almost finished Space Dwarf bodies:

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It's just a case of finishing them now. 

As a result of the porch painting and commission sculpting, I have not really been doing much else (apart from household chores and internet browsing). In separate news, my Megaro Zamac, Gerwalk Phantom has arrived in excellent condition and is just waiting for me to stow it away with the rest of the collection (which is in the loft). I have also bought a tank off EBay to work along side my Panther-Russ tank as a counts-as Leman Russ battle tank. I am not going to say much more than this at the moment because I need to get the tank in hand and compare sizes, before I decide whether it will be viable. If it is, it will not be too time consuming as it will only need weapon swaps, rather than a full conversion job... so watch this space.

That's about it for now.

This coming week should see more DIY (weather depending) and more commission work... but a plan rarely survives contact with the enemy.

See you from the porch!

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