Sunday, 1 April 2018

Green? Super green!

Hello and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has seen the completion of the window and door replacement and that has opened up my 'job book' somewhat.

Basically, now that the windows are done, the mould can be tackled in the house and the exterior can be painted. As a result I have emptied the porch and have started work on filling and preparing the walls, ready for some paint. I first de-moulded it with a chemical and have been filling all the rough areas with some wall filler. The only trouble is that the more I look, the more work I find... so it has been a bit of a prolonged exercise that I can see taking a week or so.

Luckily, the weather is rubbish, otherwise I would feel guilty about not working on the outside of the house as well... but I have enough to keep me busy with the porch at the moment.

So... hobby wise, I have been sculpting a small amount and that sculpting time has been spent on my commissions. Nothing too major to speak of but all progress is good progress...

Click the Pic!

I'll not say too much about them but there is a Squat living ancestor, a Squat heavy weapon specialist and a Goblin boss in the photo... obviously WIP. I have also been working on a second batch of Squat bodies but they aren't at a position to show off yet.

My order from Mantic games finally arrived and I have now got a pair of spray cans with 3 pots of matching 'Army Green' paint to go with them. In a rare moment of dry weather, I sprayed both the Valkyrie proxy and the pair of Squat dreadnoughts in this new green colour and it really is spot on for my requirements. Once I get a bit further along with painting them, I will share some pix.

I have been watching Facebook (as usual) and have noticed a few of my Berserker sculpts turning up in various paint-schemes. It is proper cool to see and I reckon that I will compile an album of the various paint-jobs to share on here at some point.

This coming week will be a bit mixed but I plan to focus as much as I can on my commission sculpts, in amongst the DIY stuff that I have to get done.

See you from the show ground!

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