Sunday, 4 February 2018

The gates have been opened.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week he been pretty good; mostly because we have had the boiler repaired and I am now able to get warm without the need for twenty layers of clothing. It also means that I am able to use green stuff again rather than mixing it up and it not wanting to work properly (it doesn't like my cold hands).

As you may have guessed, I have been sculpting a lot this week. I have been working on Dutch, five commission sculpts and a competition sculpt. Unfortunately, there isn't much to show off yet so there are no pix... however, after a bit of chat on Facebook (the WH40k Squats group), I had the bright idea of assembling a Demiurg with a helmet instead of a sculpted head. I used a plastic head from HERE, Backpack and axe from HERE and Ion pistol (also from Anvil Industry but I can't find the link). This is what he looks like:

Click the Pic!

I think that the larger head suits the look of my Demiurg so I will make a few more of these. Hopefully, it will stimulate my Demiurg 'head sculpting' muse.

Now on to the big news for the week. Games Workshop/Forge World have decided to make a Squat bounty hunter for Necromunda. the news was released in a video:

... and pictures have been released all over Facebook so I have mercilessly borrowed some:

Click the Pix!

At the moment it is just the one... but seeing the response that this news has had, I am optimistic that there may be a few more in the future. 

My view on it is positive. It is a nicely designed miniature that will look great as part of a gang/unit. I don't think he is the same size as the original Squats; more like the size of a Kharadron Overlord... but I think it was inevitable that this would be the case. I expect that it will be about £15 to £20 in price... so if I get one, it will be just the one.

Still... very exciting news for a Squat collector... GW have admitted they exist now!

See you from the Home Worlds!


Zzzzzz said...


Good news about the sculpting, best news about the heating !

Inso said...

Cheers :)

Oninotaki said...

I was wondering if you could help me out, I am converting some arkanauts to squats for necromunda, and you are the only person I can think of to ask if it would be possible o eat a pic of their bodies with heads on mantic games dwarves on them, or even if you could recommend a non-fantasy dwarf head to put on them.