Sunday, 11 February 2018

Focus... focus... focus...

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been a pretty strange one, with snow coming to make an appearance in Cornwall. Obviously, Cornwall ground to a halt because of ice on the roads so it was definitely an interesting week, weather wise.

The band on Friday at the Rodney, Helston was really good... they were called Bache and had a nice mix of familiar music and their own songs. It was a great evening.

I have decided that it is time to get the windows sorted... the mould from not having heating for two weeks has really highlighted the condensation problem so I have a 'Colin' popping around next week to talk about new double glazing. I knew it was something that needed to be replaced so it isn't a surprise... it's just going to be the biggest expense so far (outside of the mortgage).

I am SERIOUSLY getting itchy feet. Not actually... but metaphorically. I am getting to a point where I am going to have to get a job for my sanity. I reckon that once the windows are sorted, a job will be the next thing on my agenda... and it is likely to be in elderly care; starting on the lowest rung of the ladder and working up. I just hope that my shoulder doesn't make finding employment too difficult. I guess we'll see.

Hobby wise, I have spent most of my sculpting time on a competition sculpt. It is a Squat Berserker and currently looks like this:

Click the Pic!

All that I need to do now is sculpt his head, tidy up the hammer head, fatten up his thighs a bit and add a basing tab and he's finished. He should be ready for the blog next week. 

Along with the competition sculpt, I have quite a few other sculpts on the go... all have taken a back seat while I focus on the competition sculpt because, for some reason, I can't seem to be able to work on more than one sculpt at a time (hence the title of this blog post). Here is what my workbench looks like at the moment:

Click the Pic!

The ones labeled 'Squat' and 'Goblin' are all commissions and will be getting all the love, once I have finished the competition sculpt. Top right, you'll notice that the Demiurg with the helmet has been primed so he may see some paint fairly soon... who knows?

One problem I am facing at the moment is that my shoulder pain is not helping me sleep at all and that means that my mind is in overdrive. It is a double edged sword because I get lots of ideas but it also means I can lose focus and forget stuff. It also means that I don't have the dexterity to do fine sculpting so I have to be picky about what I do... so working on MY stuff is preferable to commission stuff because I am not going to mess up stuff for other people. OK... it may mean it takes longer to get the commissions done but at least I know that I have been at my best when I am working on them.

Well... that's it for now.

See you through gritted teeth!

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