Sunday, 18 February 2018

Interesting things...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

It has been an interesting week. In fact, it has been one of happenings and things getting done.

To start with, I have talked to some local, reputable and recommended, double glazing people and this coming week I start the process of getting new windows installed in the house (the survey/measuring starts on Friday). That means that in a few weeks, we should have functioning windows that have vents and can open and shut without having to be sealed shut to stop the gales blowing through. It will be lovely!

I managed to get out on the motor bike this week too. I had a lovely couple of hours pottering about. I went over to Marazion and sat with a coffee while watching horses gallop along the beach and kite-surfers playing on the waves. I also popped over to the dealer where I got my bike from and they have my windscreen in so I have arranged to get that fitted when it comes to first service time.

In my hobby world, I have been getting quite a lot of sculpting and converting done this week. First up, I ordered some alien creatures from Fenris Games and when they arrived, they were smaller than expected... so I decided to have a play and see what I could do and managed to come up with this:

Click the Pic!

It's likely to be a one-off but I guess even Halfling snipers need to get places and not be tired.

Next up, I have managed to convert and prime three Demiurg:

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These guys all have helmets and keep to the same idea as the other ones; mechanic, drone-controller and leader. These are going to form part of a new idea for my Demiurg army; they will be Air Guilders...

I have decided to have separate war-guilds for my Demiurg: 

Earth Guild: The leading guild that operates on the surface of a planet and has ground troops and drones. It has overall control of the three war guilds. These Demiurg tend not to wear helmets. Their colour is green.

Air Guild: This guild operates drones and machines that fight in the air and space. These Demiurg tend to wear helmets. Their colour is blue.

Subterranean Guild: This guild operates troops, drones and machines that fight below the surface of a planet and in the seas. These Demiurg tend to wear heavy armour and reinforced helmets. Their colour is brown/orange... like iron oxide/rust.

That's it for now but it's a start. In order to get some Subterranean guilders converted, I have ordered one of THESE to act as a starting point for a heavy armour conversion. I have ideas about what direction I want to take it in but I won't say anything just yet because I am fickle and those ideas may change.

With sculpting in mind, I have also been ticking along with my commissions and also Dutch from my Predator unit so sculpting wise, it has been a really good week.

In other news... I decided to sell my Halfling Sniper greens:

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I have kept aside all of the casts I need for my army and will likely dispose of the rest. I got Rob over at Hysterical Games to send the greens back and once they were in my possession again, I offered them up and they have been bought (and received) by CP Models. They will be produced in metal and will be available when they have enough new miniatures to fill a spin-cast mould... so keep an eye on them for any news.

So... this coming week, I am off to the doctors to talk about pain control and see if they can prescribe something to take the edge off my shoulder pain... then maybe I can get back on track and get some focus again. I have the window people coming on Friday and I have plenty of sculpting to be getting on with so it should be a good week... it'll be even better if I can get a few miles in on the bike as well.

See you from the duck pond! 

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