Sunday, 25 February 2018

Sculpting and other things.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has mostly been about sculpting. First of all, I finished my competition sculpt so I am now free to get on with other things:

Click the Pic!

He is a Squat (Space Dwarf) Berserker. I have kept him fairly neutral in genre so that he can be used for fantasy by removing his holstered pistol. I have sent pictures off so he can be judged and depending on the out come, he will either be cast as part of the competition or I'll get him cast up for sale at some point, through 'Inso's Diminutive Emporium'.

I have now got time to work on other things... but it seems that I have been overrun by commissions lately. I currently have ten sculpts that need to be finished (3 Goblins and 7 Squats). I have six on the corks at the moment and of those six, the Goblin is the furthest along:

Click the Pic!

He's going to be a grumpy officer, telling his minions how it is. He has moved on slightly from this picture but not much further. The other five sculpts (on the corks) are all Squats and I have got as far as bulking out the armatures and adding feet to them. As these get finished, I have a further two Squats and two Goblins to add to the corks. As you can probably tell, I have all the commissions I need at the moment and won't be taking any more on until these are all finished and I have had a chance to decompress with some of my own stuff.

With my own stuff in mind, The Aether Navigator has arrived and is tucked away, ready for conversion. I have also decided that I need to build a couple of proper Squat dreadnoughts so I have bought a set of Kastelan robots for the purpose; which is also tucked away, ready to be converted. Obviously, I still have the Predator team to finish but at the moment, commissions are taking up all my sculpting time, so that will have to wait as well.

In other news, I managed to see the doctor and have better pain control now. I also had the window survey done and am waiting for the team to start fitting new windows in March. Saturday, I travelled up country with my wife to see the in-laws which was tiring, but lovely to see the family. Today, I am pretty sore but well rested for a change.

This coming week will be all about commissions and possibly a few chores that have been gathering... so it is likely to be busy.

There is also the prospect of some very cold weather, snow and ice next week... so it will be interesting to say the least.

Well... that's about it for today.

See you from the dragon's cave!


Simon Quinton said...

Excellent love the berserker!

Inso said...


He turned out OK... could have been better but I am happy with it :)