Sunday, 28 January 2018

Chaos reigns!

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been fairly good... I have managed to get quite a lot of sculpting in and have finished Sgt Harker:

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The next one up will be Dutch; the platoon commander for the little Vanguard detachment. He will be based on Arnie in Predator and will have a bolter, power sword and big cigar. He will be at rest, smoking the cigar, with his bolter in a relaxed position and his power sword sheathed.

In other news, the fourth of the half-tracks turned up and is now at the same stage as the other three (all shown here with an earlier WIP of Sgt Harker):

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I now have to decide on the next step but am having to think about it a lot because of the shapes and the fact that I need to make it a design I can reproduce easily. It is far from shelved, I just need to get the sequence right so that I don't end up wasting lots of plastic.

With sculpting in mind, I have an existing commission that I have started and have also picked up a further commission to keep me busy. Both are in the USA and both are interesting things to sculpt so it is a good example of how international trade agreements can be reached if both parties are open and friendly.

So... the weather has been rubbish this week but I managed to get out and about on my bike once. When I got back, I gave it a once over, lubricated the chain and managed to push it off its side stand in the process. Luckily, I managed to prevent it falling over completely but, in the process, I have damaged my back and further aggravated my shoulder so I am a bit like a hunched old crone at the moment. I can't drive, ride the bike or lift heavy things. Obviously, it was worth it to stop my bike getting damaged but I am paying for it now!

My 'dry January' is going well. I have so far saved £70.70 for the charity pot and will get close to £100.00 by the end of the month so it is looking good. If you want to help with fund raising, here is the link to the story and how you can donate:

My son is also dry for January and knows the family involved so it has a personal link to us. 

This coming week, I was supposed to be going to a friend's leaving do but I am unfit to travel so I am gutted. It would have meant a ten hour drive and I am not safe to do it. I will have to wait until I am fitter to go and visit but it is a real shame I can't make his do... We joined the RAF together in 1988 and he has decided, like I did a year ago, that he would leave to pursue other avenues, after a 29 year service. I will certainly be thinking of him on the day.

Well... that's about it for now.

See you from the hobby-horse!

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