Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday, 'nother Sunday.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has mostly been completely bland. I have done the odd chore here and there, done a bit of sculpting but not really very much more...

However, we did have a call from the bat rescue people and we were lucky to get our rescued bat released again:

Click the Pic!

Click the Video!

On another plus side, I have had a slow trickle of orders for my resin casts and have been busy packing them up and sending them off.

There are still a few sets of Halfling snipers and Exo Armour legs available so if you want to get hold of some, you can get them here:

As part of a slow expansion in the Emporium, I have begun sculpting body blanks for the start of a range of infantry troopers. Unfortunately, I have not got very far with them yet but have started five bodies in various poses. I plan to sculpt male and female bodies (just torso on legs) with armour and equipment which can be sent away for casting. When they come back, I will then sculpt arms/heads/weapons on to them. As part of this project, I will also be sculpting a set of weapons/helmet/equipment which will also be cast up and used to equip the bodies so that all of the kit is uniform across the range.

My plan is to tie everything together so that there are standard infantry, infantry with special weapons, heavy weapon crews (for artillery pieces) and leaders. It is early days and I am keeping the designs a bit close to my chest for now but I am hoping to have something to show off by the end of the year.

In other sculpting news, the sculpt for the Frothers charity competition has progressed a little bit and now only needs an arm and head to be sculpted. It is looking pretty good so far and I am now hoping that I can carry on the standard when I sculpt the rest (the head especially). As a result of the competition rules, I am not able to show the sculpt off... but if you are interested in the competition, here's where the finished sculpts will end up:

That's about it today.

See you from the vice!

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Zzzzzz said...

Hurrah for bat freedom !