Sunday, 27 August 2017

Slow and steady wins the race.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been fairly chilled out, being mostly filled with a few chores and lots of pottering about.

Monday I sorted out my chores and went to get a tattoo:

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It is the Rune Fehu (Freya's rune) and matches the rune that my wife wears as a pendent. The tattoo is on my left moob...

After the tattoo, I popped round to pick a mate up so that he could go to the beach for the first time in years. He has fallen on tough health over the past six or so years and hasn't really left the town... so we went to Marazion for a bit of sea air and a pint and it was a great way to spend an afternoon.

Tuesday I put my Halfling Snipers and Exo Armour legs up for sale. The Halflings can be found at this link:

and look like this:

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The Exo legs can be found here:

and look like this:

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and when combined with some Tartaros terminator bodies (available from HERE), they look a bit like this:

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Then, in the afternoon, I went to get my hair cut and let my hairdresser loose with whatever she wanted to throw at me... so this happened:

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Yes... it is PURPLE with leopard spots around the side... I must admit that, even with my strong character, I had to take a deep breath before walking out into the street.

The rest of the week was taken up with family time, chores and packing up miniatures... with a trip to the post office thrown in.

Another thing happened this week... and that was the realisation that I can't be dictated to by circumstances and I need to start setting myself some sort of routine where I have portions of the day set aside for chores, sculpting, packaging and renovating... so I will be trying to get my head around that over the next few weeks.

This coming week is another one where I travel to see my dad so he can go and get his chemotherapy treatment. Unlike the previous times, this time will be a bit different because I have arranged a visit from a specialist animal collector who will be bringing some tarantulas and reptiles for me and dad to handle. It is something dad wanted to do before he is too ill to do it and the wonderful chap who is popping round has a little education business going on that can be found here:

I am hoping that it is everything dad wants it to be.

In addition, I will be keeping up with all the other stuff and trying to get some sculpting done as well... I also need to replace the car windscreen... BIG crack in that too...

Lots on...

See you from the top of the very long list!

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