Sunday, 20 August 2017

A warmer place.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week, I travelled up to Somerset to take my Dad for his Chemotherapy again and it went well. Although he is feeling more tired as a result of the treatment, the nausea tablets are working very well and his breathing seems to improve as a result of the drugs. Luckily, Dad has a week off the chemotherapy this coming week so I will also have a bit more time at home to catch up on a few things.

This week also threw up a rather interesting encounter with a bat.

My wife woke me in the morning to inform me that my cat, Sam, had caught a bat and that she had rescued it and put it in a box on the table downstairs. Obviously, with bats being a protected species, I did a little research online and made sure that the box was OK and that there was a tea towel and water in it. The bat was full of beans so I left it to its own devices while I contacted the local bat rescue people. A couple of hours later, I had safely delivered it to the bat rescuers and they said that they would be back in touch to arrange a release at our home... so that is something cool to look forward to. It was a Pipistrelle bat and had a few little blemishes... but would likely make a good recovery.

This week seems to be one of abrupt wake-ups. Thursday night, just after midnight, I hear my daughter arrive home from her job at the pub as usual but then I get "Dad... I've had a crash". Luckily she was none the worse for wear and had only bruised her knee but I got up, dressed and we went off into the wilds of Cornwall to rescue her little motorbike. Another lucky break was that the bike wasn't badly damaged and we got it started quickly so that she could ride it home. Just a broken windscreen and a few bent brackets that were easily straightened. Needless to say, it doesn't look as shiny and new as it did here:

Click the Pic!

Friday was a pub night... Saturday was a house warming party at a friend's house, where the three of us had a great time (including learning how dreadlocks are created and cared for... something that a gentleman was kind enough to explain). Today has seen a trip over to the railway station to drop my daughter off so that she could go visiting and the very smallest amount of sculpting.

Did I mention sculpting? Well... I have been sculpting a little this week but sadly it isn't stuff that I am able to share with you yet. One of the sculpts is for a charity sculpting competition that you can find here (if you are on Facebook):

The other sculpting is something that will likely end up for sale at some point over at...

Speaking of my little shop-blog, I have recently posted an update with regards to the Exo-Armour Legs and the Halfling Snipers so pop over to have a look. 

This coming week, I plan to get some stuff up for sale and catch up on some stuff... maybe get some proper sculpting time in as well. Weather dependent... I may even get to see the sea.

See you from the traffic jam!

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