Sunday, 24 September 2017

Painty... Painty...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

I know... there was no post last week but I was fed up with having nothing to post so I didn't think it was fair to post an empty update again.

This week, I have hobby stuff to share.

First of all, I decided to just bite the bullet and assemble a few more Squats to try out some more colours... so I did. This led to me thinking that I would be wasting my time if I went too far with them so once I had decided on a few colours, I started painting a few of my Squat troopers... namely my three Berserkers (they count as Astra Militarum Priests). I haven't got too far with them; just the first rough base-coat BUT it is a start and they represent the first painted troops in the army:

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Now that they have a rough base-coat, I need to tidy them up, wash and highlight them but I will be doing them one at a time now so that I have mini goals to reach and get mini wins for achieving them. The first one that I am working on is the one in the middle so hopefully, he'll be finished fairly soon.

In other news, the Halfling Sniper sales have completely dried up. None sold now for two weeks... so rather than get miserable about it, I dug out a strip of some of the 'not quite perfect casts' to have a play with. I remember someone mentioning that they could almost be 'miniature Wookies' because the leaves could double as fur... and this got me thinking... Maybe not Wookies but something more WH40k... so I thought I'd try my hand at a 'counts-as' Jokaero:

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I decided not to go for the 'Orangutan with techno gubbins' and instead went for 'Ape-like character with a gun'. Hopefully, it worked OK and also I hope it gives people ideas about how versatile the little snipers are.

Speaking of Halfling Snipers, you can get them from here:

I think that's about it for today...

...apart from the ever changing face of Inso's World:

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I just can't seem to get rid of the blues...

See you from a different place!

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