Sunday, 5 March 2017

Party week.

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been a blur and I can't work out where most of it has gone.

After a 'no sleep Sunday' and another night of restless sleep, I started the week a little jaded. I was due to go to a friend's leaving party on Thursday so I decided to make sure that the old car (not the newly bought one) was functioning... and it wasn't. Dead battery. Wednesday, I was charging it up but it failed to take any charge and it appeared that one of the cells had completely died so  a new battery was bought and fitted ready for the trip.

Wednesday night was interesting. Me and my wife were invited to judge a small cooking competition. The 'cheesecake challenge' was fun and we had six cheesecakes to taste and have an opinion on. It was a very close thing and they were all very nice but a winner was found. Fortunately, I got home before ten in the evening as I was up at three to drive for six hours back to Benson for the leaving party.

So... the drive up was pretty quiet... apart from being over tired, having a couple of swerves and ending up having to drink red-bull to get there safely. The party was great and went exactly as it should have and after a night in the mess, I drove back to Cornwall... ready for pub night. During pub night, it was decided that last night would be a karaoke night and it was hastily arranged because it was deemed necessary that a tired Inso should have a night of singing.

Saturday, my children and their boy/girl friends arrived and we all ended up in the pub together and having a great evening of karaoke... that ended at half past two in the morning.

There were a few down points on the evening... an accidental headbutt meant that I thought my nose was broken and today it is still throbbing... but fortunately, I think it is just bruised or something. No real harm done. Then there was the 'random person who tried to get me to react' and that was an interesting half an hour or so. I was far more sober than he was and I managed to confuse him enough to go and talk about me to his wife instead. Fortunately, it never amounted to anything but I think that if I hadn't been in the company of my close family and in such a good mood, I may not have been able to be so diplomatic.

So here we are today. As I mentioned, my children are visiting so I will be out and about and am very unlikely to be getting any hobby stuff done today... and as you can imagine, I have had little opportunity for hobby this week apart from something I have started to put together... something decidedly random... Drax:

Click the Pic!

It's been all about Squats lately so I needed something to just tinker with. I have lots of spare terminator legs so I am using them to create a thing. I'll let you decide what you think it may be.

Anyway... that is about it for this week. Hopefully, I'll get more sleep this week and be more productive...

... and Wednesday, it's tattoo day!

See you from the big chair!

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