Sunday, 26 February 2017

A brief interlude.

Before I start... Welcome Dave Kelly! I hope you enjoy pottering around the grounds and hopefully gaining a little inspiration here and there... but be warned! Don't stray too far from the paths or you may become lost.

This week has been pretty bad for sleep so I have steered clear from most of my hobby stuff. I did, however, manage to clean up ten Mantic Forge Father, Forge Guard and partially assemble them, ready for conversion but I haven't bothered with pictures because they are just standard (at the moment).

In other hobby news, the two 1/35th scale Panther tanks that I ordered, arrived this week (as did a Megaro Zamack kit that I was lucky to win on Ebay for a reasonable price - only one more kit to go and I have the full set)... so I am now in a position to convert two more Panther-Russ tanks.

In the real world, I have started to assemble my storage shelves so that means that I am beginning to think about unpacking some stuff... however, the shelves need to be finished before that so I still need to have a level head for long enough to build them.

Yesterday, we picked up a new car and decided to have a little potter over to Marazion. The weather was extremely windy and we were not too surprised to see a host of kite surfers out on the sea...

Click the Pix!

The car is only a diddy one but it's all we need for pottering around in. In the second pic you can see St Michael's Mount and a few of the many kite surfers.

Well... that is about it for now. Hopefully, I'll sleep better this week and be able to achieve more.

See you from the peak of the mountain!

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