Sunday, 23 October 2016

Winter is coming.

Good morning and welcome to a lovely sunny day in Inso's World.

What... a... week...

This week my wife and I have been travelling. We went to Cornwall on Monday and had a few bits and bobs to sort out on Tuesday before picking up the keys to our new house. It had been a bit of a pain getting to that point (bloody solicitors) but we finally had the keys so we emptied out what rubbish was in the place, put up new curtains and light shades and changed the locks so that we were the only ones with keys.

Here is the view from our 'soon to be' bedroom:

Click the Pic!

Then, I think everything hit us and we didn't really know what to do!

... but we were in Cornwall so we enjoyed the beach and nightlife while we thought about the enormity of everything and put a few ideas down on paper.

We travelled back on Friday after a whirlwind of a week and then it seemed like we weren't home... because we had left our home locked up and empty in Cornwall.

So... big times ahead and that means that this little blog may have to take a short break in order for me to get on with all of the moving preparations. We are aiming to move in a couple of weeks so I have a lot to get done in a short time...

... but in the meantime, I haven't forgotten my hobby and have managed to get a small character finished:

Click the Pic!

He is (effectively) the leader of all the Hearthguard (space marine scout) units in the army and will count as Sgt Telion. He still needs a camo cloak but I am tempted to give him 'optical camouflage' rather than an actual cloak... so it may just be a fully camouflaged paint scheme... I haven't decided yet.

So to recap, I have sculpted two pairs of legs for the Mantic torsos. I have now cast six of the second pair; five are standard troops and one is Sgt Telion. I have also cast five of the first pair of legs and now have the sixth pair being cast as we speak and that will make the second member of Telion's squad. Once that is done, I need to finish sculpting a further three pairs of legs and make six casts from each so that five of each will make a unit and the sixth will become part of Telion's squad. Simple.

Well... what else can I say. 

The times, they are a changin' .

I'll see you when I see you next!

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Zzzzzz said...

I had in my mind that you were in Lossie....

That's deep into FAA territory, you're going.