Sunday, 16 October 2016

A rainy Sunday Morning.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

I'm not going to moan about sleep this week... I'll just cut to the chase... This week has mostly been about finalising a house purchase. We have finally got all of our money transferred and have had a lot of last minute stress due to the solicitors being somewhat reluctant to put any drive into our home purchase. That said, everything is in place to collect the keys this coming week... so that is extremely BIG news for us.

When there is stress all around, what better way to escape than to hide away in the hobby world for a while? Well that is exactly what I did and as a result I have managed to get the production line in gear for some press moulding, filling, assembly and a little bit of sculpting in order to finish the second batch of Hearthguard/Scouts for my Squat army. Here are the newly finished Hearthguard with their previous allies primed in the background:

Click the Pic!

The way I am going about these is as follows:
  • I need 6 Squads of 5 (which I have already purchased).
  • That means I need 5 different leg sculpts in order for each squad to have all different poses.
  • Each leg pose will need 6 casts (one for each squad).
  • If I build each batch as a squad (with one cast put to the side), when all the leg casts are done, I can swap the troops about to make sure all the legs in a squad are different.
  • The squad made with the additional legs that don't fit with each 'squad' of batched legs, will end up being formed into a Squad with Camo-cloaks, sniper rifles and a Squat version of Sgt Telion as the leader.
  • I am likely to have 3 missile launchers, 2 heavy bolters and in addition to the 2 Sgts with hammers, I will also have 3 with standard bolters (I will be putting bolters with missile launchers and hammers with heavy bolters).
  • The camo-cloaks may well be a paint scheme for digital camo rather than having actual cloaks.
So... now I have completed a batch for two leg sculpts and have the third leg sculpt on the corks, ready for more work. I still need to press mould one more pair of legs from each of the sculpts I have already done but I can do that slow time now (better to put my effort into sculpting the legs). I really like the way these are turning out and I am completely in love with the Mantic Steel Warrior plastics as they are perfect for my army needs (once they are suitably reduced in height). It would have been so nice if they had been the right height in the first place... but they aren't designed to be Squats, they are designed to be Forge Fathers.

This coming week is one of excitement and travels so I doubt very much if there will be any hobby news to share next Sunday... however, there will hopefully be some happy news about our new home!

See you from behind the lens!

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