Sunday, 9 October 2016

Time is drawing on...

Another Sunday and another post.

This week has been a no hobby week.

It has consisted of work and insomnia fuelled zombification.

Yesterday, I put away my female veterans (who had sat there doing nothing for a week) and decided to start sculpting a second pair of legs for my Mantic Forge Father Steel Warriors (AKA my Squat scouts)... this prompted me to order another squad of them from Mantic (this also helps me to feel obligated to finish the next legs so they can be press-moulded for another five scouts).

The end plan is to have 6 squads of 5 Squat scouts (which I will have when my latest miniatures arrive). Each of the squads will have 5 different pairs of legs (so I have 4 more to sculpt... including the one that is WIP at the moment) so each pair I make, needs to be press-moulded 6 times.

Here's a reminder of the first legs and the five casts that I made:

Click the Pic!

Now, the observant amongst you will realise that I should have made six leg-casts instead of just five and also that this isn't a squad but is one member from each of five squads. HOWEVER, if I put together little groups like this then I will have complete units even while I work towards the end goal (splitting them all up and having different 5 different style legs in each squad).

While I am sculpting, I am also press moulding more holstered pistols for the units so it is a proper production line (or will be when the next legs are ready for moulding).

In other news, I was priviledged to receive my kitten's very first present today. Yes, he isn't even six moths old and he brought me a bird. This would have been great if he hadn't brought it into the house and let it go so that it flew under the sofa. I managed to get the bird outside and it flew off... but not long after, it was dead on the paitio with a rather thrilled Sam throwing it around. We have a little hunter alright!

I am currently in the process of a bit of decorating and I am putting up some wall paper. I have discovered that this is a horrible job and once it is done, I will plan never to do it again.

That's it for today.

See you from the bottom of the paste bucket!

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Manus said...

No less than Bloody awesome!