Sunday, 30 October 2016

It has begun...

Hello and welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been very quiet on the hobby front but lots has been going on with the whole 'move' thing.

This is all I've managed on the Hobby front; I cast a copy of the first leg sculpt and put a Hearthguard together so that he can join Telion:

Click the Pic!

Nothing spectacular... just a standard trooper with one of the extra breastplates that are slightly different to the standard ones (just to make him look slightly different). Once I have sculpted the next set of legs, I'll get on with this squad again.

SO... the move... I have packed all of my hobby stuff up and here is around half of it:

Click the Pic!

This sort of highlights why there will be a lack of hobby for a few weeks. We move house a week Monday and then I will be flitting between Oxfordshire and Cornwall for a short time while I sort things out. When in Oxfordshire, I will have no internet and when I'm in Cornwall I will be busy... so basically, I am signing off from Inso's World for a few weeks until things are sorted out. HOPEFULLY, things will start getting back to normal by the end of November... but the hobby side of things will be taking a back seat until I am happy that the new house is watertight, safe and clean.

There you have it.

In the meantime, here's a video of Fred (AKA the Bear) snoring:

Click twice to play!

See you from the other side (in a few weeks)!


ADB said...

Good luck with the move. Who knows, you may unearth a lost treasure or two while packing the hobby up :-)

Inso said...

Cheers :)

Lord Siwoc said...

Best of luck with the move. I have a parcel for you here. Should I wait untill you have landed at the new place beforw sending it ?

Inso said...

That is very nice of you :) .

I will still be at my current address for three or four weeks so if you send it soon, I will get it here but if not, then I'll let you know my new address to send it to :)

Thank you :)

Zzzzzz said...

Hopefully you'll check this before it's all over - if you get bored or otherwise find yourself at a loose end in Oxon, pm me via the link on Devos IV and I'll try and find you (cunningly, my employment lets me roam the country like as if I were checking on the road network....), even if its just for a cuppa.