Sunday, 21 August 2016

Just another one of those weeks.

Welcome to Inso's World again.

This week has been filled with life... the new kitten has more or less settled in, the house buying is ticking along at 'solicitor speed', our cat that had disappeared; turned up, and some of the stresses of life have caught up with us a bit... so there has been a bit of a deep breath to try and land a bit.

This week, our daughter finally moved her things out of the house so we are now a two person home. That obviously causes a lot of mixed emotions but these things have to happen for life to advance; from our perspective AND our daughter's. Definitely bitter-sweet and just another pebble in the pot of other stresses that is getting pretty full at the moment.

That said, I did complete the five Squat bodies and have got them all packed up, ready for sending off on Monday to their new home in the USA.

So... what hobby stuff have I been getting up to?

The KING OF RATS is now fully converted and is paint-in-progress. It is part way through base coating and, even now, is looking exactly as good as I expected so I reckon it will be just what I planned by the end. I just need to come up with a fitting quote for it (it is going to be a very specific diorama).

DUNCAN has begun the conversion process. I have assembled him as standard but am now adding details to spice him up and make him into a Rogue Trader type adventurer. There isn't really anything worth showing off at the moment so no pix just yet.

In the bid to finish off commissions, I have been sculpting a small Cthulhu beast (15mm) that would have been much further on, had I not packed the WIP sculpt 'SOMEWHERE' and lost it... so I had to start again. It just needs arms and legs now so that should be finished very soon.

From a practical hobby point of view, that's about it... however, there has been a shift in the Force this week and a few things have turned up that have got me enthusing.

Do you remember these? (converted Greys - Alien Visitors):

Click the Pix!

They were originally available from Tengu Miniatures but that company no longer trades. Fortunately, they were sold to CP Miniatures so you can still get hold of them... and in order to finish off the project, I have ordered another 24 this week. They will join the other unstarted miniatures in their little storage box, ready for some work in the fututure... BUT WAIT!

... there is more...

The Tengu sculptor sculpted some of these little miniatures in 15mm scale. They were sold to Khurasan Miniatures and are now available to buy. I have looked at them and think that they would fit in perfectly with my project by putting three on a 40mm base and using them as swarms. I am currently deciding how many to go for but I can safely state, there will be a bunch of 13mm tall aliens joining this force soon.

Surely there can't be more?! Well... yes there can. 

Games Workshop has decided to bring out a DROPSHIP that seems to be perfect for my Squat army. With a very small amount of tinkering, it will make a great proxy Valkyrie. With that in mind, I am almost certain to buy some:

Click the Pix!

It may involve a certain amount of reorganisation but I think these are just what I have been looking for for a very long time.

Well... that is that.

See you from the edge of eternity!


Mr Teufel said...

I still enjoy following your hobby projects.

Inso said...

I'm glad :) Thank you.

I am still tinkering away... just a little less than usual.