Thursday, 25 August 2016

Alien Visitors... re-visited...

Hello again... it's not Sunday... but I just needed to put some stuff down in text form.

I posted a picture of these guys last week:

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The reason being that Khurasan Miniatures recently released their new 15mm versions of them (HERE) and I immediately knew that I needed to get some for my Alien Visitors army (the leader of which is pictured above).

Talk about a bolt from the blue distraction...

... move on a few days and I have trawled through the storage case and have worked out what I would like the army to end up like and it looks like this:

1x Supreme Leader
(riding grav-sled with four honour guards)

2x Battle Champion:
(each wearing power armour riding a grav-sled piloted by a trooper)

2x Battle cohort; each with:
(Leader riding grav-sled with four honour guards)
(20x foot troops)
(4x Striders with heavy plasmaguns)

1x Battle cohort with:
(Leader riding grav-sled with four honour guards)
(20x foot troops)
(4x Striders with multi lasers)

3x Scout cohort; each with:
(10 scouts)

3x Meteor Delivery System (MDS); each with:
(10x MDS)

So far, I have completed one of the battle cohorts and the supreme leader. Battle cohort (as previously shown):

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That means that I have the rest to finish.

I already have all of the troopers, leaders and champions. I have one more Eldar dreadnought on it's way to add the final components for the 8 striders required. I have placed an order for some 15mm versions to act as Scouts (I have ordered 30 and plan to put two on each 30mm base) and finally, I have ordered some plastic beads to act as MDSs (I plan on mounting a few of the beads on each base and having them act as portals).

So... when everything arrives, I will need to paint strip the dreadnought and then everything will be ready to build the rest of the army.

The only problem I can see is that I am not sure whether I have enough of the original paint left to paint them with... so I may end up having different 'clans' with different paint schemes.

But I guess I'll just have to think on it.

See you from the purple fields!

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