Sunday, 14 August 2016

Sunday stuff.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week has been pretty good from a hobby perspective. I have been properly focusing on getting my little Squat commission finished and have nearly got there... I reckon that by the end of today, I'll have all five finished but unfortunately, this pic shows that I still have the straps on the one on the right to finish:

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However, I have made great progress on them and am pleased with how far I have got.

In other news, I ordered something from Fenris Games that really piqued my interest. It is something that I wouldn't normally have gone for but as soon as I saw it, I knew what I needed to do to it so I ordered it (along with another awesome miniature) and it has now arrived. I have already started working on it (it is being very slightly converted) but I am not showing it off until it is finished or it will completely spoil the big reveal. The miniature in question is this one:

... and the other miniature I ordered (because it is one I really like - and is a duplicate of one I already own) is Duncan. Here is one that I have already painted up:

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I bought a second one to turn into an alien Rogue Trader (sci-fi) so watch this space (although... it may be a while before I get started on this one).

With hobby in mind, you will probably notice that I have stopped work on my Squat army for the time being. It is only a temporary pause as I take stock of things, and part of taking stock is thinking about how I can make improvements or change small things to add flavour. Well... I have been thinking a lot about transport and may be moving towards getting some super heavy transport for my two platoons; namely some Stormlords. They are big enough to hold an entire platoon, can be purchased, need minimal conversion and are single vehicles (I would need three Chimeras (or counts-as options) to transport my platoon and even then, the heavy weapon squad would have to walk) so they seem to be the ideal choice. They are also one step closer to a Squat land train so they are quite flavourful for a Squat army.

The things I think about...

See you from the vehicle manufactorium!


Simon Quinton said...

Nice progress. Liking the Stormlord idea as well it will be interesting to see if anything comes to fruition of them. I wonder if you will leave them as stock models or if your like me it will niggle away until there is some sort of satisfaction so I expect to see them :D

Inso said...

I think the decision is made. However, those Imperial eagles will have to go.

I am in a place of limbo at the moment... with a move imminent... so I can't really start big projects at the moment (it's one reason I haven't started painting troops yet as well).

I think they will be something that eats away until I've bought them :)