Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Veteran Tyranid Hunters.

Hello again... just a short post about the next unit for my Squat army; The Veteran Tyranid Hunters.

These are troops who helped to defend the home-worlds from the Tyranid invaders while the Ark Ships were leaving. There are very few of them because they were the very last remaining casualties to leave the home-worlds before the planets were destroyed. Sadly, due to the horrific injuries they sustained, they would have died had the Squats not asked the Mechanicus for assistance. As a result, the Veteran Tyranid Hunters have a highly individual look that owes itself to the machinations of the Mechanicus.

Here are the first five of the ten man squad:

Click the Pic!

They have been made from Skitari plastics which started by having the legs shortened and the belly area filled in and sculpted with green stuff. Next a helmet was sculpted and press moulded with Milliput. This helmet didn't have a face so each of the troops will have an individually sculpted face and beard (if applicable). The arms are slightly long and the hands are a bit smaller than the rest of the army... but I can live with that. I am counting the 'Galvanic Rifles' as las guns (once they are shortened) and the 'Radium Carbines' as plasmaguns (again, once they are shortened).

In the picture is a comms specialist, 3x plasma gunners and a Sgt with plasma pistol and power weapon. The trooper next to the comms specialist has such bad facial injuries that he wears a face screen, has no beard and has a device on his backpack that enables him to breath (he was unlucky enough to injest Tyranid bio-acid).

The squad will have ten troops with a Sgt, Comms and 3x Plasmagun. I just have the basic lasgun troops to go (x5) but this week is going to be a bit disjointed so I may not have them finished by the weekend.

Better pictures will appear when the unit is finished.

See you from the Forge World!


marell_le_fou said...

Excellent sculpting job, as always. I would like to see the respirator on the back of the most injured one.

Inso said...

Once the rest are finished, I'll show them all off properly :)