Sunday, 26 June 2016

Well that hasn't gone well.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

I must admit to feeling completely hollow at the moment so if this is a bit of a dour post, I apologise.

This week has been a historic one for Great Britain and it has massive implications to my plans over the coming months... namely the mechanism for getting hold of the capital required to buy a house and move into it... not to mention getting a job when I have moved.

I have sat back and digested the result of the EU referendum and am horrified that we as a nation have chosen this route. That said, the decision has been made so I am of the opinion that we need to all work together to make the best of this. The time for questioning, recriminations and divisions has to be over or we will fail in this endeavour we have democratically chosen, as a nation.

It is an endeavour. We will all have to work very hard to get Great Britain back on its feet again.

So... hobby wise, you can imagine that things have been quiet and you would be correct. The third of the commission bodies has been destroyed because it just wasn't going right. I have started a replacement but am at a very early stage with it.

After getting the Veteran ladies all to the same standard, I have put them away while I work on the Veteran Tyranid Hunters (VTHs). The VTHs are a mix of Skitari plastics with press-moulded helmets and lots of green stuff. The helmets have been pressmoulded from a sculpted original and I have the very last one of ten in the mould as I type. They are a complete departure from the rest of the army and I am still unsure of how they actually fit... if I end up deciding that they don't fit in, I will most probably sell them... hopefully that won't be necessary.

And that is that. I'm still shellshocked from the vote.

See you from behind the barricades!


da Gobbo Grotto said...

You and me both Inso, sad day for the country....

marell_le_fou said...

I must say i was astonished too, from the other side of the Channel (ok, i'm not anymore in France, but i'm french anyway).

I was expecting a tiny vote, but it was finaly both clear and negative.

As a great nation, and considering every situation has inconvenients and advantages, i'm pretty sure that the person rulling your country and the technocrates will find thousands of clever tricks to change the problem in an advantage.

UK as a futur fiscal paradise, etc, are on all our newspaper here. I guess with some few years the country will be back wwith new potential.

I must say i'm less confident on Scotland staying in UK. But i would i'm not sure it's a so bad idea. Country ruled by other countries do not ring well to my ears.

Anyway, if ever you don't want your Tyranid Hunters anymore, i may buy them with pleasure :D