Sunday, 19 June 2016

Another mixed bag.

Hello again and welcome to Inso's World. This week has been filled with highs and lows so batten down the hatches!

First up, on Monday, we had a works outing on the river again. This time, in amongst the socialising, was a trip along the Thames looking at the pill-boxes that were put there for the home guard to use during the war. The weather was a bit naff to start but once the sun came out, it was another nice trip with a bit of education thrown in.

In sadder news, on Wednesday, our cat Moggy fell poorly and we had to rush her to the vets. Unfortunately, there was no alternative than to have her put to sleep so that is what happened. She has been with us for 18 years so she had a good run... but will be missed:

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In other news, my son has finally got his room sorted at his base so today, we have taken all of his 'stuff' over and can now get to work, sorting out his old room in our house. Just another little tick in the box. He is also really enjoying service life and has settled in really well... which is a very positive thing.

So... what hobby stuff have I been dealing with this week? To start with, I had to rip some bits off the commission sculpt because the shoulders were too far forward and needed to be repositioned. Annoying... but now the shoulders are in the right place, I have started to add the quilted armour so things are ticking along nicely.

I have also been ticking along with the Ministorum Priests / Berserkers for my Squat army and can now say that they are all finished. Here they are:

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With these now finished, I have had to think about what to do next. In order to get another unit finished, I have decided to work on the already started veterans and have now got all of them to the same standard:

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I decided to make a new Sgt for the unit because I wanted them all to have berets. They are all ladies and they just need their arms sculpting for them all to be finished. Speaking of veterans, I have also unearthed my Tyranid Hunters and have started work on them... although I am unsure how to sort out their heads at the moment... but the rest can be worked on.

So... a bit of a mixed bag this week but still some progress and all progress is good progress!

See you from the edge of the tea cup!


Manus said...

Be fun seeing what the full squad will look like.

demi_morgana said...

Sorry to hear about your cat.
In fact we had same situation here about month ago.

Take care!

Miniature Wargaming The Movie said...

What a beautiful cat - I'm sorry for your loss.

On another note your miniatures look fantastic, very impressive.