Sunday, 12 June 2016

I'm going berserk!

hello again and welcome to Inso's World.

This week you've already seen the five converted Mantic Steel Warriors (HERE) so I won't mention much about them apart from the fact that they are now primed grey, ready for paint.

With the converted Steel Warriors in mind, I have not got anywhere at all with sculpting the next set of replacement legs because I have been busy with my Squat Ministorum Priests / Berserkers. As is usually the case, I started one, got distracted and started the second one, then got further distracted by the third one... which I nearly finished... then I nearly finished the second one , only to return to where I started and began working on the first one again.

To cut a long story short, two are very nearly finished and the third needs his arms doing:

Click the Pic!

The dog handler needs a few bracelets and a bit of work on one shoulder and he will be finished. The one with a 'pistol-hammer' is done apart from some bracelets. Then the final one has had his hammer arm posed and is awaiting lots of work on his arms.

These have been fun to sculpt as they have given me the opportunity to go a bit wild with some characterisation. I learned that I need to practice eyes more. On the plus side, I am not very far away from completing another little unit so I am quite pleased.

In other news, I have also finished the running body for my little Squat commission:

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With those finished, I have started on the third body (once this one is finished, I only have two more to go):

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So things are still progressing nicely on the sculpting front. By the next post, I hope to have all of the Berserkers finished and possibly, the third commission body as well... but no plan survives contact with the enemy so we'll just have to wait and see.

See you from the forges of the home-world!

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