Wednesday, 8 June 2016

The first scouts.

After a few tweaks and repairs, I have managed to finish the first five Scouts for my Squat army:

Click the Pic!

Although these are arranged as a squad, they will be mixed between squads once I have sculpted another couple of different leg poses and copied five of each.

The legs are not as detailed as they could be but I think they serve a purpose and look OK. they also allow me to use the Mantic miniatures for my army... and I really like that.

The weapons represent boltguns, bolt pistols, a missile launcher and a close combat weapon (hammer).

This is the first unit of 'counts as' Space Marine scouts.

I have another 15 to go and will most probably buy more in the future because I really like them and as long as I keep the leg sculpts safe, I can just press mould as many as I need at a later date.

See you from the trees!


da Gobbo Grotto said...

Your squat army is amazing, I remember collecting squats back in the 80's! They were my first 40k force, there wasn't enough to call them more than that really lol

Inso said...

Cheers :)

I also had a small collection of Squats but, due to a moronic decision, I threw them away during a prep for a move!

It bothered me so I decided that, one day, I would get some more... and that is where I am now :)

Some of the metal Squats were awesome but others... not so much... so I thought I'd take my own approach and the plastics were the perfect place to start.