Sunday, 20 September 2015

More progress and the machine has started to whirr.

Before I start this week's blog update, I'd like to welcome Robert Locklan to Inso's World. Welcome aboard, Robert and I hope you enjoy your travels around my little piece of the interweb.

This week, I set myself the job of completing the first squad of the second Squat army platoon. Fortunately, I managed it and here it is:

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I have already got the next squad on the table; ready for some work. Once the second squad is finished, I can get some serious work done on the army command squad and then... it may be time to dig out the paints and start painting a few units.

In more Squat related news, I have been wondering what to arm my second Sentinel squadron with and have had a look through my various spares boxes with a view to swapping weapons. The Vulkan miniatures come with a heavy bolter (not an option for Sentinels) and a heavy flamer. I have put the feelers out and a heavy flamer isn't necessarily the best weapon for an armoured Sentinel... so I will most likely give my next Sentinels the las-cannons that I got when I bought some Centurion weapon sprues. It just goes to show how important not throwing stuff away is.

Not necessarily Squats... but a bit space Dwarf related, I ordered some Sharclons from Heresy Miniatures this week and they have arrived. They are awesome miniatures so I'd recommend getting some soon... because they have a slight resemblance to a certain Dr Who race and may have to be withdrawn from sale as a result... here's some that I painted a while ago:

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This week also sees more sales on EBay. Here's my page: METALVEST and here is what I have for sale at the moment:

EBay Link; Deathcultists.

EBay Link: Gaunt's Ghosts.

EBay Link: Preachers/Priests.

So please feel free to pop along and put a bid on. The next lots will be Eldar.

Well that about says it all for today. Have a good week.

See you from the surfboard!

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