Sunday, 27 September 2015

Many things.

Before I start this week's post I'd like to welcome Nysse to Inso's World. Welcome aboard and I hope you have fun travelling around and sharing ideas.

This week has been a really disjointed one. From a hobby perspective, I have finished the troops for the second Squat platoon:

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So now the 2nd platoon looks like this:

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And the two finished platoons look like this:

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Now that the two main platoons are finished, I have started work on the army command squad and once that is finished, I may well start painting the army.

In other news, I was looking at one of my various online resources and I saw this picture which immediately changed my perspective on the sort of vehicles I want for my Squat army:

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It was created by a guy called John Donaghy on Facebook and it is a really nice mix of armoured vehicle and Amphibious transport and it got me thinking that this sort of thing would be more practical than a hovercraft so I have started something else:

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Obviously, it is at a very early stage at the moment but already, I have got much further and should have some nice pictures to show off next week. I am planning on making this modular with the base, front top section and rear top section (then of course I need to deal with the tracks... but I haven't even considered what I am going to do about those yet). I will keep ticking along with it and see where I go... and yes, I am notoriously rubbish at finishing things like this so it may well be another glorious failure!

On to ther things and my EBay selling is going nicely. Unfortunately, I haven't worked out how to sell internationally yet (pricing is awkward) so I am keeping things UK only for now. Sorry about that. The current auction ends at 18:30 hrs British Time and my next auction starts at the same time. If you are interested in seeing what is on offer, click here:

In completely different news, on Wednesday, I attended an award ceremony and was presented with a Commander JHC Commendation for the work I have been doing on Puma HC Mk2 helicopters. I now have a nice certificate to hang on my wall... which is nice.

See you from the deck of the AAV-7!


Samuli said...

Thanks for the welcome :) Good to follow your progress outside of the forums as well.

Blaxkleric said...

My goodness what an awesome amount of Squat goodness you;re got before you. They look terrific and I'm delighted I've found your blog to follow your painting of these classic warriors of the future :-)

Inso said...

Cheers and enjoy :)