Sunday, 13 September 2015

The rains have started...

Welcome to Inso's World and this week it is a mixed bag. First up, I handed over the finished driver to my friend who had returned from foreign travels and it is now fitted to his 'Sunday Best' radio controlled, car shell:

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He was happy with it... so I am happy.

Also this week, I have completed the five heavy weapon teams for the second platoon... and here they are:

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The strange back-packs are transportation tubes for the missiles that go into the launchers and will obviously look much less strange once they are painted in a more 'normal' colour. As it stands, I have brought the first squad back out from the storage box and have started work on them again. After them, the remaining seven troops will complete the platoon and I can get to work on the army command squad.

So... what the heck is the storm thing all about?

Well... I need to thin down my hobby stuff. Not just a little bit... but a LOT. I am downsizing to a smaller house in a year's time and I have far too much stuff to take with me. As a result, I have started to learn about EBay selling and have my very first sale in process now... here it is:

It is for a Tyranid / assassin conversion. It was the nearest thing I had to hand to try out selling on Ebay...

... but it is by no means the last of the items. 

So basically, I am having to overcome my hoarding tendencies and sell loads of stuff that I have collected over the years. It is difficult... but I'm sure I'll feel much better once I have lessened the burden a bit. Keep an eye out for all sorts of stuff from boxed sets to sculpts and conversions that I have done... I am having to be pretty brutal so there will even be Grymn in the mix!

Continue to watch this space because... IT HAS STARTED!!!

That's about it for now.

See you from outside of my comfort zone!

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CJ Kilbride said...

Those missile troops look ace, Inso. Well done. ...and we'll be watching your eBay space closely.