Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Midweek Extra

I know it's midweek but I forgot to mention something on Sunday's update... I went to see a movie last Friday.

So... Avengers: Age of Ultron (without spoilers):

First of all, there are the familiar characters with a few extra thrown in for good measure. The Avengers have the usual rapport and there is still a little bit of humour BUT there is a darker tone to the movie... almost one of impending doom. As a result, it isn't as light hearted and there are times where it becomes a serious film... but overall, it is even better than the last Avengers movie (which is saying a lot because I loved the last one). There is the usual mix of toned down violence but there are a few bleeding bullet wounds so if you think your child is going to be upset about that, then go to see the movie without them... then if you think it is OK, take them along the second time you go because it will be a great excuse to see the movie twice.

There is a lot going on in the film and the new characters hardly have time to get aquainted with the audience but I'm sure they will be expanded upon in the next film.

Don't forget to watch the clip after the credits... it's the big one!

I thought the film was excellent and I strongly recommend you go and see it.

So... I've been home for a whole week now and that means I have had time to add a couple of backpacks and the little gun tractors to the two Squat infantry squads:

Click the Pix!

I've also been clipping another platoon's worth of Squats from their sprues ready to be cleaned up for conversion and have started to work on a Dreadnought to go with them... so watch this space.

See you from the bigger chair than last time!


Lord Siwoc said...

The small guntractor is quite cool.

The squat army is growing!!

Inso said...

Oh yes... the army is expanding :)

Goblin Lee said...

Love the work on the Squats, excellent force.
I really like the wrist controller.