Thursday, 30 April 2015

Squat Exo-Armour

As you will be aware, I have been putting together a small Squat army lately. Now, I don't want the army to be a copy of the old Squat lists from 'back in the day' but there are certain components that I like and that I want in the army. These include transport vehicles, bikes, Squat mechanics (engineseers) and of course, Exo Armour.

Exo armour was the Squat equivalent of Space Marine Terminator Armour and was a handy addition to the Squat inventory. With my objective being to create a plastic army, I have been looking around for some 'counts as' Exo Armour and have recently unpacked some miniatures from a kickstarter that may fit the bill. They are Forge Guard from Mantic's Deadzone range and here is a picture or two:

Click the Pic!

Click the Pic!

As you can see, he's a big lad and stylistically, he's a bit more ornate than the standard Squat but I reckon, with a bit of tweaking, I can put that right. Looking at the scale image above, I think that if I lowered the codpiece a little, a Squat would realistically be able to fit inside but his feet would sit at ankle level. Fortunately, there is space on the miniature for that to happen so it isn't too much of a big deal. 

Onto the (hard plastic) sprues:

Right click and open in a new tab to get BIG pix!

Each of the bodies has a letter and the legs/shoulderpads that fit that particular body have the same letter. Although that means that each body is in a set pose, there is a variety of poses and the fact that the arms are not restricted to particular bodies (except for the melta weapon) means that it is fairly easy to get quite a variety from your sprue. Each sprue has six troops on it; one of which is a leader and the other is a melta trooper. There is also the option of adding a heavier machine gun to a further standard trooper so, in theory, you could have two heavies, a leader and three standard troops if you wanted.

Preparing the miniatures was not too bad. Clip them from the sprue with side-cutters, clean up attachment points and remove mould lines with a sharp scalpel and glue together with standard polystyrene cement. I would suggest scrapping the standard Mantic bases and putting the troops on normal plastic bases... but that is up to you.

Overall, I am quite pleased with these. They will make a great basis for some Exo Armoured Squats and could be used straight from the box if you wanted. They are also pretty cheap so if you decided you wanted to convert them, it won't break the bank if you mess them up.

Here's a link to find them in the shop: LINK

See you from the workshop!

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Simon Quinton said...

Very cool will paint up a treat. Have you seen the digger corps by Macrocosm?