Sunday, 26 April 2015


Hello again. It's Sunday and that means that it is time to update the blog, and what better way to do that than to make today's update... ENORMOUS?

Let's start at the begining and say that it is good to be home in England again, even though I am still shattered.

I started travelling on Tuesday morning with a 7 hour plane trip from the Falkland Islands to the Ascension Islands. I then got off the plane for a couple of hours and sat in holding while the plane was refuelled etc. Then it was back on the plane for a further 9 hours, arriving at Brize Norton at around 08:00hrs. An hour messing about in the terminal, followed by an hour in an MT vehicle (being driven by a nice driver) and I was dropped off at my door. I had time for a cuppa and a quick hello to my wife and daughter before I popped into work to let them know I was home and then I was home for a few days.

Things to note:

  • I have not had a proper night's sleep since last Saturday (8 days ago)
  • I am still on Falklands time (4 hours behind UK time)
  • I am a little jet-lagged
So... that's the first bit out of the way. Next up...

...I was encouraged to go to Salute yesterday. Salute is an annual event run by the South London Warlords that is all about the wargaiming community. It was a change for me this year because I was not working on the Hasslefree Miniatures stand... I was just a punter. That meant that I could wander around and look at everything at my leisure. Here are a few of the tables that I noticed:

Battle Star Galactica (Click the Pic!)

Star Wars (Click the Pic!)

Beyond the Gates of Antares (Click the Pic!)

Alien VS Predator (Click the Pic!)

Warzone Resurrection (Click the Pic!)

Stingray (Click the Pic!)

Obviously, there were many more tables to see but I thought I'd just take a few of the ones I liked rather than spamming everywhere with too many photos to look at. On my travels, I was glad to see that the guys from Hawk Wargames had finished their spaceship for Dropzone Commander:

Click the Pix!

It was a truly epic ship, with tens of little dropships, tanks, vehicles and other details that really made the project pop.

So... onto the next thing... what did I buy? Well... here's a pic or two:

The Miniatures: Clockwork Goblin 'Grizzly' walker, 2x Vulkan Battlesuits from Prodos, Robotic arms from Blight Wheel Miniatures, a creature from Twilight Miniatures and a pack of Angry Beavers from North Star (bought from the Dice Bag Lady):

Click the Pic!

The food: Three lots of jerked meat from Artemis Black's:

Click the Pic!

Other Stuff: Two dice bags from the Dice Bag Lady and also (not shown) a Salute mug which is full of tea at the moment:

Click the Pic!

I bought the bags for my wife and daughter because they are extremely well made and I knew that they would find a use for them.

While at Salute, I met many people but due to me being so tired, I only stopped for a few moments so didn't have time for a propper chat... to be honest, I was little more than a zombie so I probably did them a favour! That said, I was very glad so see them and felt a little guilty about not spending more time with them but I was on the train home by 13:30hrs and was lucky that I didn't miss my stop (I may have dozed a little).

So... onto the hobby.

I have not done anything hobbywise yet, apart from digging out a pair of heavy weapon tractors for my finished Squat platoon and also the back-packs that I need to fit to my weapon loaders. Mind you, I have also clipped a second platoon of plastic Squats from their sprues, ready to be cleaned up and assembled for conversion... so I haven't been totally 'hobby idle'.

I think I have filled this post with enough for now. Once I have started to fill my space better at home, I will start with more hobby stuff and also get stuck into selling stuff on E-Bay... the time's they are a changin'!

See you from the open door!

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Joel Driver said...

What are the plastic squats you are using, just the old ones? Can you get them anywhere?
Also those gun tractor things. Nice blog.