Sunday, 21 September 2014


This will be a very short blog update.

Due to being away from home for a week and the subsequent catching up when I returned home, I have only managed minimal hobby work this week.

I have sculpted the hip joints and built up one of the arms on the second Squat robot/servitor and have assembled the basics of his heavy claw but still need to do the putty work.

I have also dug one of the marines from the dettol bowl and have begun the process of converting it into an Engineseer... but have encountered a major problem with proportions... Squats were definitely not designed to wear standard power armour. It will be a case of either persevering or sculpting from scratch... and sculpting from scratch isn't going to be fun.

In other news... I passed my Quality Auditors course so that is a little 'yay' moment.

Yesterday my wife and I popped to Portsmouth and while we were there, I got the opportunity to see a passenger hovercraft actually on the job... this has led me to more determined thoughts on hovercraft based transport options.

Every day is a learning day.

See you from the end of the universe!

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